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Unconditional Love in Action: Angkor Wat, Cambodia
January 19th–30th, 2017

Spiritual Journey to Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Join New Thought Minister Rev. David Ault for a profoundly heart-opening spiritual journey of service to Siem Reap, Cambodia – home of the incredible ancient temples of Angkor Wat. To open oneself deeply, to risk feeling the suffering of others, and to wish to relieve that suffering – is the definition of compassion and the cultivation of the Buddha within us. As Gandhi once said: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the amazing temple complex at Angkor Wat – or at least a part of it! Built in the 12th century, Angkor Wat lies north of the modern town of Siem Reap and was originally Hindu dedicated to the God Vishnu. Around a century later the official religion was changed to Buddhism. Since Buddha was a Hindu, the change of religion was adopted seamlessly and people converted from Hindu to Theravada Buddhist, which continues to the present day.

Service is often called unconditional love in action – to give totally of yourself is to be free of ego, 100% present, doing what is needed without judgment. In these moments our heart opens and the truth of who we are comes through – our divine presence. Volunteer travel is a powerful experience – you risk coming home with a clearer vision of what you want in life, a deeper sense of self-realization, and clarity about who you are and your purpose in life! Trip tuition: $1,798 USD per person double occupancy, $459 USD per person single supplement – all breakfasts included.

Details for Cambodia here!

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Personal Intensives – Your Private One-on-one 3 day retreat!
Custom Dates Available

brandt morgan

Feeling trapped or stuck in your own life? You know that life shouldn’t have to be so difficult. But even though you know that deep in your heart, do you still: Wake up wondering whose life you’re living? Feel like you’re lacking clarity? Find yourself short-tempered, frustrated or unhappy? Wish your relationships were more supportive and loving? Want to forgive and move on, but can’t?

If this sounds like you – join me (author Brandt Morgan) for a Personal Intensive. It’s a powerful experience and is a great way to jump-start your life. Imagine what life could be like if you were calm and centered no matter what situation you faced in life, rather than emotional and unclear. What if you no longer took people’s actions personally? Or if forgiveness came easy to you? Or even if you never got in another argument for the rest of your life?! Believe me – it is possible.
Details for Intensives here!

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Release ~ Rejoice ~ Redesign (A woman’s retreat): Bali
Feb 19 – March 1, 2017

Bali Spiritual Empowerment Female Entrepreneur Summit

If you’re a hard-working woman who is willing to push the pause button long enough to figure out how to change your life from “just okay” to “fabulous,” then join Linda Beach in Bali for an exotic and inspiring 10-day journey. Our magical retreat is divided into three very distinct (and significant) parts. Each leg of our journey symbolizes a step in the direction of your dreams.

Get ready to:

  • Release limiting beliefs and habits so you can invite unlimited abundance into all areas of your life
  • Rejoice in gratitude as you uncover your many blessings and deepest longings
  • Redesign your life around your gifts & talents so you can finally follow your passions & love the life you live!

Imagine arriving in the Land of a Thousand Temples and being greeted by a private driver who will whisk you through the jungles and rice fields. This intimate and supportive setting is the perfect place to shed years of limiting habits and beliefs. Over our time together you’ll be guided through powerful exercises designed to help you break through the barriers that have kept you from reaching your highest potential. Trip tuition: $2,995 USD per person double occupancy – most meals included.
Details for Bali on Linda’s Website!

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Akashic Records Intensive & Consultant Training – Sacred Wisdom for Transformation in the Mayan Highlands, Lake Atitlan – Guatemala
March 19 – 31, 2017

guat3Join Don Ernesto Ortiz for a magical tour in the majestic beauty of Lake Atitlan, nicknamed “The Mirror of the Gods”!  Are you ready  to shift your life in ways you can hardly imagine? Are you ready to take your meditation and spiritual practice to new depths? Are you adventurer ready to explore new layers of yourself and make lifelong new friends?

Our Akashic Records training program is designed to engage the serious spiritual seeker, the one who knows he/she has a greater mission in life. The one who knows that by sharing this oral tradition they will live his/her life dedicated to making a difference. This training is all about YOU, your growth, your process, your personal healing and inspiration. The end result a brighter and lighter you!!

You will have time to integrate, walk around the Sacred Valley, get healing treatments and delicious massages. And we promise you’ll have lots of time to rest, play and explore on your own.

Email us for more details

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Retreat Mastermind Morocco: Marrakesh
A Retreat for Retreat Leaders
May 14-20th, 2017

jemaa-el-fnaaIf you’re a transformation retreat leader who’s ready to travel the world, make a difference AND make more money – then join Sheri Rosenthal for a retreat planning + marketing mastermind adventure!

Marrakesh is the PERFECT place to spend 5 delightful days (and 6 nights) brainstorming, planning and marketing your transformational destination retreat while learning the finer details of retreat management and best practices.

So why should YOU join us? Simple, this is the PERFECT environment to get your retreat plan and your marketing strategy nailed down. There’s no need to do this alone, worried about whether you’re doing things the right way or not – or whether you’re going to be able to sell out your event!

The Retreat Mastermind Morocco is JUST what you’ve been looking for to get the help you need to create amazing retreats in your business! Plus we’ll be exploring the fabulous city of Marrakesh, eating incredibly delicious food, shopping in the souks, and availing ourselves of some of the most body-melting spa services while staying at the legendary 5-star hotel, La Maison Arabe.

Details for Morocco on Sheri’s Website!

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Highlands and Mystical Islands: Sacred Scotland
May 18-26 + 26-29, 2017 Orkney Islands Mysteries Revealed extension

Scotland Spiritual TourJoin Glenn & Cameron Broughton for 9 magical days exploring the energetic sacred sites and stunning natural beauty of “Bonnie Scotland.” This is an experiential journey where we’ll be spending quality time at each site to truly get a feel for the presence and energy of each place.

We visit the lovely harbour town of Oban is set in a dramatic location in the Firth of Lorn and protected by the Isle of Mull. Moving into Glen Lyon valley in the breathtaking natural scenery of the Central Highlands we visit some sites from different periods in history that are empowered by earth energy currents. The old capital of Scotland, Dunfermline, holds some secrets that await us. And at the end of this remarkable journey we will have a special guided tour of the Knights Templar sanctuary of Rosslyn Chapel with its many secrets and the mysterious underground cave system known as Gilmerton Cove. The tour ends at Edinburgh with a visit to Edinburgh Castle and royal Scottish city life.

By the end of our journey our hearts will be filled with sweet memories of holy wells, stone circles, fairy glens, chambered cairns, an abbey, early saints churches, lochs, glens, mountains, islands, beach and ocean – plus friendships, laughter and insights! Trip tuition: £2095 based on double occupancy, single occupancy supplement: £295 – some meals included.

Details for Scotland here!

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SACRED ENGLAND: Mysteries of Sacred Sites Tour – July 18-27, 2017

Stonehenge Which of these adventures speaks to you?

  • Participating in a sunrise ceremony at Stonehenge…
  • Searching for the Holy Grail at Glastonbury…
  • Experience Salisbury where history comes to life in living medieval city..
  • Connecting with the energetic waters at Wells…
  • Exploring the Avebury Landscape Temple…
  • Experiencing crop circles and other mysteries…

Well thankfully you don’t have to choose – because on this beautiful journey with your guides Glenn + Cameron Broughton you will visit them all! Our travels take us through a remarkable span of five thousand years, where we will discover some of the secrets of enigmatic stone circles, the geometry of cathedrals, holy wells’ potent waters, and the powerful earth energy currents that connect them all.

We will visit Glastonbury, formerly called the Isle of Avalon, rich in history and legend. The Abbey claims the burial place of King Arthur & Guinevere and Chalice Well – the possible resting place of the Holy Grail. Overlooking it all, the Tor acts as a beacon to spiritual pilgrims as it has done beyond memory. What significance do these have for us in our lives today?

Avebury landscape temple including the stone circles, the avenues, Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow, A short drive away through idyllic English country villages with picturesque thatched cottages we arrive at the Uffington White Horse.  Finally there is an option to visit the modern mystery of crop circles that occur in the countryside around Avebury, the huge geometric patterns that mysteriously form overnight in fields of grain each summer.

Details on the Sacred Site Tour

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Crop Circles + Summer Lectures Intensive: Sacred Britain
July 27-31, 2017

Crop Circles Journey

There are few mysteries more remarkable (yet accessible) than crop circles. Each spring and summer these enigmatic patterns appear overnight in crop fields, particularly around the Avebury landscape temple in Wiltshire, England. Whenever possible we enter these beautiful creations within hours of their forming, when the energy of a genuine formation is at its strongest.

Join us in late July at the height of the crop circle season, and explore this amazing mystery for yourself. Cosmic works of art, ET communications in sacred geometric format, pranksters’ hoaxes, spiritual guidance or a warning voice from Gaia, whatever your opinion crop circles are fascinating and truly amazing. We have access to the information network that provides breaking news on the latest formations. This magical landscape includes not only the majority of crop circles, but also some of England’s most remarkable and ancient sacred sites like Avebury, Glastonbury and Chalice Well.

If all this makes your heart sing then join Glenn and Cameron Broughton and their guest researchers for this magical exploration of Sacred Britain and it’s mysterious Crop Circle formations. You’ll attend the prestigious Summer Crop Circle Lectures where you will hear fascinating presentations and meet the presenters as well as all the other ardent “croppies.” Trip cost: £1195 double occupancy – many meals included. Single supplement £170.

Details for Crop Circles here!

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The Magic of Celtic Country: Sacred Ireland
August 15-24, 2017

Ireland Retreat

There is a magic about Ireland (the Land of the Goddess Eriu) which is recognized by people worldwide. The varied landscape of lush green meadows, mountain ranges and spectacular coastline certainly lead one to believe that this land is blessed. Stories of fairy folk and leprechauns also reflect the belief that the land has guardians. There is a feeling of spirituality held within the land that has been honored by successive generations through different belief systems over millennia.

Our travels will take us back in time and into the realms of myth, legend and deep wisdom as we make a circular journey through the provinces of the Republic of Ireland visiting sites revered as sacred by Pagans and Christians for thousands of years. This opens a doorway for each of us to discover forgotten aspects of our inner world. Trip cost: £1995 based on double occupancy, Single occupancy supplement: £275 – many meals included.

Details for Ireland here!

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Tap Into Your Terrific in Tuscany!: Italy
September 4-14, 2017
October 3-13, 2017


Imagine enjoying 10 days where you can have fun, eat incredible food, get pampered, learn in depth about another culture and travel with like-minded women. Each trip is designed to be as luxurious, and adventurous as possible (within parameters), with a strategic infusion of personal development that relates to the theme of the trip. We try to plan for up close and personal, in-depth, authentic experiences that also allow for spur of the moment activities that may arise.

This experience is for you if:

  • You are a Baby Boomer woman who wants to enjoy life with a group of fun loving women.
  • You enjoy the finer things in life – quality wine, delicious food,natural beauty & magical experiences.
  • You have a dream inside of you that’s been set aside for years.
  • You need to recharge your body, mind and soul and need an infusion of inspiration in your life.
  • You love combining learning and travel and Tuscany is on your “Dream List!”.

11 days/10 nights of total immersion in the magnificence of Tuscany. Unwind from the daily grind of the 21st century, and embark on this rejuvenating adventure. Rediscover your Terrific under the Tuscan sun. Trip tuition: $4,136 USD per person double occupancy – breakfast and dinners included.

Details for Tuscany on Holli’s Website!

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NEPAL: Discover the Peace Within – A Spiritual Journey in the Himalayas
Oct 11 – 20th, 2017

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed and disconnected from your true self? Has the clamoring rush of the outside world cnepal12rowded out the soft,  wise voice within?

Do you long to feel grounded, whole, alive and joyful?

We all need to take time to disconnect from constant doing and rediscover the healing realm of simply being.  This once in a lifetime spiritual journey in the Himalayas of Nepal is not only an incredible travel adventure to one of the world’s most magnificent destinations, it’s also a journey within, a journey to find your true center.

This retreat will take you from exhaustion to wonder, from isolation to connection and from constant rushing and pushing to peace, presence & calm.  Trip tuition: $2995 USD double occupancy – many meals included. Single supplement $500 USD.

Details for Nepal Here

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  1. Lisa Regan says:

    Any singles trips

  2. Mary Dudley says:

    What about people over 65? Are there any trips that especially cater to us elderly who are in good enough physical shape and still on the spiritual journey?

  3. Cindy says:

    @Sil: I agree 🙂 I am wondering where to find the couple’s trips here on the site?

    @Sheri: My fiance and I interested in locating a spiritual trip here. Even more intriguing is if you have spiritual wedding ceremony information that you’d be happy to share! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated <3

  4. Lois Grasso says:

    Hi Sheri,
    We talked a while ago, had a nice connection, and you said you would be interested in exploring a mutually supportive relationship between JOTS and the Evolving Conscious Health Community Cruise that I am organizing for the non-profit OxyGenesis Institute, of which I am director. I am finally up and running with the website launched and all, but would like to follow up on our earlier conversation. Please visit the website and contact me from there? http://myholisticcruise.com
    Thank you!
    In Joy,
    Lois Grasso

  5. melanie says:

    Dear Journeys,
    I have some amazing photos of the blue whales in mexico taken from a boat very similiar to the one on your website.
    I am wanting to publish one of the photos and urgently need to find the photographer…
    can you help me by perhaps providing me with the company name who does the whale trip and perhaps an email address or website ?

    Kind Regards

    Melanie Spears


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