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Deborah Skye King’s Story:

My journey began when I was 14 years old in Chichen Itza, Mexico, today one the 8 wonders of the world. I experienced myself as a Maya Priestess, part of the royal family and my brother and I were preparing for a big ceremony. I saw this in full daylight, fully conscious of both realities, mine and hers. That day changed how I perceived reality and the world around me.

Deborah Skye King

I began exploring the Maya civilization in earnest, one thing that struck me was the cosmology that showed up in every indigenous culture on the planet throughout their creation stories and how it lead back to our stellar origins. I was seeing a thread that was woven deep into our humanity, yet was deeply buried under shame, guilt and a powerless society that today is awakening to full awareness of the power that we have within ourselves, I believe that going to Sacred Sites allows this process to accelerate.

At the age of 21 I had a spiritual awakening which brought me to go live alone in the jungle of Costa Rica, it is there that I understood the balance of nature and our cosmos, how we are one and the same. I have traveled to many Sacred Sites around the planet and at each location have seen the same thread throughout, our ancestors left us a message, live from the heart, see from the heart.

In 2007 I began Soul Therapy International, deepening my practice as a Soul Therapist and a Professional Past Life Regression Therapist, encouraging other women around the planet to seek a purposeful life while claiming their financial prosperity and to awaken to empowering their own lives. Working with female entrepreneurs around the globe through the work that I do, my published works, and the sacred journey’s that I lead enables me to live passionately and on purpose, this I wish the same for you.

Blessings, Deborah Skye King

President of Soul Therapy International


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