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  • Do you dislike the task of creating legal trip forms, registering people, and dealing with tons of calls?
  • Are you short on time and patience when it comes to collecting funds and registration forms?
  • Is negotiating with retreat centers, hotels, transportation and tour operators outside of your skill-set?
  • If so – please consider a partnership with Journeys of the Spirit®

You can partner with us and have us promote your trip on our website and database.

Or if you have a private group and just need our help putting your trip together – (rather than promoting it on our website) we can do that too!

Or…if you feel like you just need some serious advice regarding putting together your retreat and pricing it correctly we are happy to offer you a coaching session to get you on your way!


Benefits of partnering with JOTS®:


  • Your journeys are featured on our beautiful website which has the capability of audio and video on every page.
  • Our website is built on blog technology and people can share trips with friends on Facebook, Twitter and by email.
  • We use Google analytics and can let you know how many people are visiting your trip pages and from where.
  • We work with you to design interesting and heart-felt itineraries
  • Our website receives approximately 8000 visitors per month
  • Different teachers and authors list their trips with us and so you are exposed to new and different databases
  • We advertise your trip on other travel sites and spiritual websites.
  • We can create all your legal forms for you, make sure they are signed and collected
  • We can manage the collections of all monies
  • We feature you in our monthly newsletters and email blasts
  • We deal with participants flight issues (we are also a travel agency)
  • We carry liability insurance for Tour Operators with Berkely Insurance which you would be personally covered under (they cannot insure a corporation only individuals).
  • We take care of everything for you and all you have to do is show up for the trip.
  • We work with you to co-ordinate and create a marketing plan for your database and Facebook.
  • Since we sell on the internet we follow the guidelines for Tour Operators in all 50 states.
  • We are a licensed tour operator in all the states that have special requirements: Florida, Washington, California, Iowa and Hawaii.
  • We can take care of trip insurance for your participants
  • We have been members of the Better Business Bureau online since 3/2008 with an A+ rating.
  • We are members of the major travel organizations
  • We give awesome hugs…


Want to discuss your retreat?

Questions? Give Sheri a ring at 727-421-0849 or email us – we can’t wait to hear from you!



  1. Ankit Jain says:

    I would like to join as a facilitator and a life coach. I would love to lead people to places and in the process help them reach closer to their inner centre and their innate abilities. I would like to make them believe that work and relax should not be treated as two different prospects in life and make them return home awakened to their true passions, leading them to work towards their destined way of life!

  2. Monique Jansse says:

    Dear Sheri,

    I would love to hear what the conditions are commission-wise if I would post a retreat on your website. I am thinking about organizing yogaretreats in Italy.

    Warm regards,

    Monique Jansse

  3. Deep Bhangoo says:

    Hi Sheri,

    JOTS is one of my favorite sites for spiritual journeys. I wanted to also share my site with you. I lead spiritual journeys across India and wanted to touch base to explore the possibility of partnering with you.
    We can also chat online sometime or you can email me.
    Best wishes,
    Skype: deep.bhangoo

  4. Hi Sheri
    I’m thrilled to have stumbled across your site! I have a retreat in California, featuring equine facilitated learning in addition to being a certified Sundoor Firewalk Instructor and certified life and empowerment coach. I’m able to hold events at my private ranch or travel as a facilitator to other venues. I ingrain a positive dose of spirituality in all my workshops.
    I would very much like to discuss the possibility of partnering with you!
    Blessings, Marybeth

  5. Jo Hatcher says:

    Hi Sheri,

    I am a Master certified retreat coach and very interested in connecting with you because I want to lead international retreats. My phone is 530-759-0477. I love your site and have been receiving your newsletters for a few months and then one day discovered that you work with facilitators. I’m interested to know more.

    Jo Hatcher


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