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It was the first time I ever took a journey like this one. I found my co-angels to be friendly, inspirational and pure fun. As my guide and teacher, Sheri, you were outstanding! Palenque and the other sites were wonderful. This trip was an enlightening experience for me.  My life was lacking spirituality and this trip gave me a spiritual course to begin my journey.
Vivian H (Palenque, Mexico – March 2009)

I have been making slow and not particularly steady progress in exploring Buddhist and Toltec approaches to enlightenment for the past 6 or 7 years. One week of spiritual journeying with Sheri took me to a place that would’ve taken 100 years at the rate I had been going. Now that I’m back home, I’m dealing with all the things I left behind on the journey, but with a heightened awareness of why I react to things and the knowledge that I can experience inner peace.
Kay (Palenque, Mexico – March 2009)

This trip was wonderful. Not only because Sheri was there to assist us in our experience but it also taught me that I could do things for myself that I never believed to be possible – to live without fear and act from love. To stop being so judgmental and to defend my need to be right. This takes time, practice and patience and I have come so far and will keep working to get there.
Melanie M (Isla del Espiritu Santo, Baja, Mexico – June 2006) Indianapolis, Indiana

The surroundings and the culture were a big part of it for me. Being in/around communities that are economically poor is very grounding for me. Being “unplugged” from cell phone, email, computers, TVs and newspapers is also good for me and let’s me focus myself much differently; much more internal than external. Being at the sites was also quite spiritual though hard to articulate with words.
Susan Taylor (Palenque, Mexico – March 2009)

Sheri, you are so wonderful. You are able to turn every moment into a memorable one. We could be in the north pole and you would still be able to make it a wonderful journey.
Nordine L (Peru & Machu Picchu Oct 2007)

It was an amazing experience in many, many ways.  I am still sorting through it all, but at every step of the way, I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the experience and the multitude of gifts.
Millie Munoz (Teopoztlan, Mexico – March 2008)
Atlanta, Georgia

Spiritually I had the opportunity to know myself better and discover the strength in me, enjoy life and be so grateful to all experiences and ultimately discover the path to self-realization through the Egyptian mythology.
Luz (Egypt – Nov 2007)
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Sheri – you make the journeys so easy – especially your relaxed way of turning the small schedule slips and inconveniences inherent in third world travel into a joyful communal experience.  Thank you for the teachings, the meditations, the exercises, and mostly for being you.
Jonathan Huie (Egypt – Nov 2007)
St Pete, Florida

Bhutan was beyond description with something new and more beautiful around every bend. The spiritually of the people there is in the air they breath and almost palatable which makes for an amazing trip. The beauty of the place is amazing  – how they decorate their buildings and the temples are beyond your wildest dreams. The place is a bit rustic so be ready for that but well worth seeing if you are up for a trip of a lifetime!
Evelyn Lynch (Bhutan – Oct 2008)

This trip was a life changing experience for me. I learned first hand the effects and powers of subtle energies on myself and others. I was also able to experience profound syncronicities which only the source of Universal intelligence could have placed into motion. Again, my ego is up against the ropes and with continued self awareness, and spiritual journeys such as this one, it may soon be down for the count. I am closer now than ever to truly realizing that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I now know that I must give my mind a rest and surrender my life to God.
David (Egypt – Nov 2007)

I had been experiencing a mid-life crisis of sorts for a few months.  Feeling arid, empty and “not enough” inside, I was questioning my “next step” in life. Something magical seemed to happen for me over the course of our Sedona week. I chose to use my words minimally and to be more of a witness to the experiences of each day. The combination of the land, the people, the “power talks” that Sheri would give each day, the activities we subscribed to throughout the week literally SWEPT away the stormy weather within me. I cannot describe how peaceful and grateful I felt at the end of the week. I fell back in love with myself and incredibly grateful for this life experience!!  The sun shines brightly again!
Lisa L, (Sedona – Sept 2007)

Even though I started the journey without expectations, it exceeded anything I could have ever expected.  It was extremely transformational and healing.  I had been exposed to other traditions with similar teachings, but the processes, techniques and different languaging Sheri used were extremely helpful to me on this journey for deepening and solidifying knowledge and truth I already had within.  Sheri’s teachings, open heart and generosity are such a blessing and I’m so glad to have spent the week with her and the other great beings she attracts to these journeys.
Ren R. (Sedona – Sept 2007)

I so loved/hated this journey I plan to do another one with you soon.  My husband and I are both still talking about it.  It was HARD for me, but so needed.  And I really did release several things that needed to go.  And what a great group of women!!!!  I sure hope to keep in contact with several of them and maybe even do another journey with them. How nice to share space with like minded individuals.
Cindy Daniels (Sedona – Sept 2007)

I received a spiritual kick in the ass, which was just what I needed. ( I am sure there is a more spiritually correct way to phrase that, but I’m not in the mood to agonize about it). I have no doubt that I needed to be there, exactly at this time, with you and the other women, to receive the guidance and insights that I got.  I didn’t know exactly what I needed when I signed up for the trip, but I know that I was yearning for a new understanding to make sense of my “reality.”  You pointed me towards a new direction that feels comforting and challenging at the same time.
Georgia (Bimini Dolphins – May 2007)

I tried not to have too many expectations since I had never done anything like this before, however, whatever expectations I did have were far exceeded. Thanks again for everything you did for us. It was an awesome experience! Hopefully the first of many!
Diane (Egypt – Nov 2007)
Atlanta, Georgia

It was one of the most amazing journeys I’ve been on, spiritually. What a beautiful trip! What a beautiful country & people. Thank you for creating such a wonderful trip.
Barbara M (Egypt – Nov 2007)
Queens, NY

I turned 40 and had an intention of taking a “sacred journey” to celebrate life. The trip to Teotihuacan was transformational and love and joy were flowing boundless throughout the trip. Sheri Rosenthal is the most present teacher I have ever worked with. The group and trip were a life blessing and I am filled with love and gratitude.
Carol Levine (Teotihuacan, Mexico – Feb 2006)
Eden Prairie, MN

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