TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO: Dreaming Heaven! – to be announced

We invite you to experience the mysterious essence of transformation revealed in the profoundly life-changing film, Dreaming Heaven. Your guides, Gini Gentry, Francis Rico, and Lee McCormick will share ceremonies and practices from the Toltec wisdom tradition that Teotihuacan was built to serve. Many of thousands of years ago, the Toltecs understood that our lives can be a dream of heaven on earth – a dream filled with peace, grace and love.


Choosing Love over Fear

Our journey into this sacred city of plazas, temples and pyramids follows this path devised by the ancient masters – illuminating those places in our minds where fearful beliefs limit our happiness, peace and joy. Reborn with expanded awareness, we learn to choose love over fear – awakening to the truth of who we really are – and restoring the innate magnificence of our authentic selves.

The Dreaming House

This magical city is located approximately one hour northeast of Mexico City. We stay at the The Dreaming House, behind a gated wall in the village of San Sebastian Xolopan, adjacent to the ancient city of Teotihuacán. Within its spacious compound are a dozen rooms decorated with the art of Mexico’s past, both recent and distant. Miracles seem normal here, and are.

Meals in the spacious and gracious dining hall are miraculous in themselves, country Mexican food prepared with skill and love. It’s a magical place for a magical time. Join us for this adventure to one of the most energetically powerful places. Our journey also includes a day in Mexico City to enjoy the Basilica of Guadalupe and a visit to the artistic Coyoacan district, home of Frida Kahlo.

Our identities are built upon stories upon stories upon stories, masks upon masks …most of which have very little to do with reality. So, if I’m not who I believe myself to be, then who am I? Who Am I Really?

Want to Join Us?

Questions? Give us a ring at 727-421-0849 – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Photo of the Procession of the Virgin of Guadalupe by Pablo Aburto
Photo of the Cape of Virgin of Guadalupe by Joaquín Martínez
Photo of the Virgin of Guadalupe by Lety
Photo of the Basilica in Mexico City by Omar Bárcena


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