Skanda Yoga Retreat 2012 Itinerary

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Ken von Roenn III

Dream Yoga (Milam Yoga) is the ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice of cultivating Lucid, or conscious, dreaming. The dream state is the most powerful platform for spiritual practice because it is a direct experience of a non-dual state of being where the observer and that which is being observed are one. Through practice one learns that the mind is projecting our outer reality, and that reality bends according to the gravity of our intentions. Through lucid dreaming one breaks free from karmic conditioning, attachments and habits, thus becoming able to set new patterns in life that reflect the highest good.

Skanda Yoga is an emerging style of yoga that embraces techniques from many traditions. It is a breath-inspired alignment-based power vinyasa style that sets a physical and spiritual intention based on the daily oracle of the Maya calendar systems. The Warrior Spirit is invoked for a challenging, inspiring, and transformational practice. Each class is a unique exploration of asana that refines all aspects of our being.

Skanda Yoga uses the modern rendition and new global standard of working with the Mayan calendar systems known as the Dreamspell. Our asana practice embodies the energy of the Dreamspell in order to align with nature’s cyclical patterns. This increases resonance with the universal energy and the experience of synchronicity off the mat. Synchronicity is the attunement to a universal set of principles based on a harmonic mathematical matrix. This matrix is the underlying structure of reality that connects events regarding subjective experience, the physical world, society, and culture as they co-arise. By assimilating the 13-Moon Calendar into our practice, we tune into the synchronic order that is the core nature of conscious evolution.

Day 1 Dec 9 (-/-/d)

Arrival at Villa Sumaya at 4:00 pm. We’ll meet for a group get-together for dinner and then we’ll have an opening circle and introduction to Skanda Yoga, Dream Yoga, and the Maya Calendar ceremony followed by restful night’s sleep.

Day 2 Dec 10 (b/l/d)

Morning: Asana practice (Foundation for Totality: the Dreamed and the Dreamer)
Afternoon: Arm-balances and inversions (Strength for manifestation)
Evening: Meditation

Day 3 Dec 11 (b/l/d)

Morning: Forward bends and twists (Pulsation in realization)
Afternoon: Hip-openers and back-bends (Seed of fruition)
Evening: Meditation

Day 4 Dec 12 (b/l/d)

Morning: Asana/meditation/pranayama/mudra (The eternal return)
Afternoon: Free time for an excursion to one of the pueblos
Evening: To be announced…

Day 5 Dec 13 (b/l/d)

Morning: Breakfast and group gathering to process our experience. This is an important day to incorporate all we have experienced during our powerful ceremony so we will be relaxing today.
Afternoon: Restorative yoga and energy cleansing (if we are up for it)
Evening: At leisure

Day 6 Dec 14 (b/l/d)

Morning: Full-throttle asana 4hrs (The Peak of Creativity)
Afternoon: Free time for an excursion to one of the pueblos or hike the volcano
Evening: Ceremony for purification and healing

Day 7 Dec 15 (b/l/d)

Morning: Asana practice (The Art of Transcendence)
Afternoon: Asana practice (Endurance with presence)
Evening: Closing ceremony for 2012 with a local shaman

Day 8 Dec 16 (b/-/-)

We leave Lake Atitlan today renewed and with a change of heart ready to live the life of a warrior. New friends have been made and old friendships made stronger. We look forward to the challenge of bringing this new dream home with us for 2012!

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