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On this special retreat we’ll have the opportunity to visit some amazing sacred sites and natural spots of great beauty. In addition each day we’ll be placing our attention on answering two questions in the most deep and profound ways: How can I nourish my heart & soul — every single day?” and “Do I have an aerial view of my life — or just a narrow perspective?” Our intent is to be able to return home with an open heart, relaxed, and with a new perspective on life.

Day 1 – March 24th – Arrival in Cancun, Mx (-/-/d)

chichen itza

Today we arrive in Cancun in the Yucatan no later than noon! From here we’ll drive to Chichen Itza where we will be staying for three nights (around a 2.5 hour ride). The Lodge is less than a mile from the entrance to the Chichen Itza ruins. We’ll gather up around 6:00pm to meet each other and have our dinner.

While gathering together we will set our intent for the week and for the magic that will unfold as the Universe responds and gives us what we need to fulfill our intent. Then our intent becomes our inner guide on our journey deep into our Sacred Center.

Day 2 – March 25th – Chichen Itza (b/l/d)

Chichen Itza Spiritual Journey

Chichen Itza which means “at the mouth of the well of Itza,” and it is the 2nd most visited archeological site of Mexico today. The Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza which known as “El Castillo” (the castle), is now one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

If you happen to be visiting on the the vernal equinox (March 20) and/or the autumnal equinox (September 21) at about 3pm – the sunlight bathes the western balustrade of El Castillo’s main stairway. This causes 7 isosceles triangles to form on the side of the staircase which looks like body of a serpent moving downwards until it joins the huge serpent’s head carved in stone at the bottom of the stairway.

Day 3 – March 26th – Chichen Itza (b/l/d)

Today we have a relaxed day to explore the ruins and meditate onsite. Visiting some of the parts of the ruins we did not get to experience yesterday will be our goal while moving more deeply into ourselves at the same time. We’ll have time to gather and share our feelings about the ruins and the site itself.

Day 4 – March 27th – Uxmal (b/l/d)

Uxmal 2012 Spiritual Journey

After breakfast we leave for our ride to Uxmal (around 3 hours). Once we settle in we’ll have a chance to relax, have dinner and then go see the Sound & Light Show this evening.

The beautiful sacred site of Uxmal – is one of the most majestic of all the sites in the Yucatan. Incredibly well preserved – the Pyramid of the Magician has a special architecture rarely seen – rounded corners and the western staircase of the pyramid is situated so that it faces the setting sun on the summer solstice.

All of the sites we will be exploring are designed in the Puuc style (named for hills of this region) and if you’ve been to other Mayan sites you will find these set of ruins particularly artistic and graceful. The Nunnery Quarangle, The Governor’s Palace, North Long Building, House of the Birds, House of the Turtles, Grand Pyramid, House of the Doves, and South Temple are some of the many buildings we’ll be visiting. Since our hotel is right by the entrance of the ruins we can go back during our free time if we like and just be in the energy of the place (you’ll need to purchase an entrance ticket for approximately 166 pesos/$15.00 USD if you want to visit on a day that we are not going there).

Day 5 – March 28th – Uxmal (b/l/d)

Uxmal Spiritual Journey

After breakfast we will witness a native tree planting ceremony with a local H’men (shaman). What seeds will we be planting this week and for our own personal transformation in the coming year? As we experience the native tree planting ceremony we listen deeply, seeing the ceremony as a symbol for the planting of our intent in the soil of our own consciousness. In sacred ceremony we remember how as spiritual beings we are sacred: life is sacred and our hunger for deep clarity, inner peace + fierce self-love is a call to the sacred within.

After our ceremony we will go over to the ruins and enjoy a slow restful day in the powerful energy of the ruins. Uxmal means “thrice built,” reflecting the underworld, middle world, and upper worlds of the human cosmology. The underworld represents the shadow aspects of ourselves that we have rejected and must retrieve, accept and honor in ourselves to be whole. The middle world embodies our day to day human lives lived from the perspective of the ego mind. And the upper world is Infinite Divine Consciousness as it manifests in and through us.

Day 6 – March 29th – Grutas de Loltún + Cuzama Centotes (b/l/d)

Ik-Kil Cenote, 2012 Spiritual journey

We start our day off with an amazing visit to the Grutas de Loltún (sacred caves) which contain paintings attributed to the Maya civilization from the Late Preclassic Era or even older. These caves have an incredible history and are well preserved and being in the energy of the underworld here is extremely powerful!

Today we will experience several cenotes, or sinkholes in the limestone ground that supplied fresh water for the natives (considering the Yucatan has no rivers). The Cuzama cenotes, as they are known, are a small cluster of cenotes of which three have been fixed up to allow relatively easy access for visitors. We’ll have a lovely ceremony at one of the cenotes and enjoy the cool clear waters.

When we visit the cenotes, we challenge ourselves to dive deeper. This requires preparation. Getting clearer about our intent, noticing what lies in the way, feeling our longing for living from our integrity, authenticity, inner knowing and Sacred Center – and having the clarity and wisdom to know what we need to let go of. And then, we dive in!

Day 7 – March 30th – Kabah + Cocoa Museum (b/l/d)

Kabah, Temple of the Masks

Today we visit some amazing and ancient ruins along the Puuc Route to the smaller sites of Kabah and Loltun. Kabah (“Strong Hand”) is actually connected by a walkway to the south of Uxmal. The most famous structure at Kabah is the “Palace of the Masks,” the facade decorated with hundreds of stone masks of the long-nosed rain god Chaac; it is also known as the Codz Poop, meaning “Rolled Matting,” from the pattern of the stone mosaics. Beautiful!

While here we’ll connect with the history of these ruins and we tune in to the healing and transcendence that’s been unfolding here silently for centuries. These stones hold ancient sacred wisdom which we’ll tap into. As we access the wisdom within and without – we will let go of the old and what no longer serves us. This will bring us deeper into answering the question: How can I create a life that nourishes my heart & soul — every single day?

FYI: This massive repetition of a single set of elements is unusual in Maya art and quite amazing. Remains of copal (the native resin incense) were found in the wall embedded in the noses of the masks and we’ll be having our own copal ceremony at the ruins.

After lunch we’ll visit the Cocoa Museum. Mayans consider chocolate is the food of the Gods (so wise of them!) and this morning we’re going to learn it’s importance. We’ll explore beautiful gardens with orchards, and have a traditional Mayan drink prepared with organic chocolate and spices. So, besides enjoying these literal foods of the Gods, we’ll learn today how to deeply nourish ourselves as we prepare for our return home.

Day 8 – March 31st – Hacienda Sotuta de Peon (b/l/d)

Hacienda Sotuta de Peon

In visiting the Hacienda Sotuta de Peon today, we continue to allow our personal inner process to unfold.When we visit the Hacienda Sotuta de Peon, we will literally travel back in time, transported on wooden platforms called “trucks” which are pulled by “mules” over Cauville rails, as were originally used by the workers.

Here, you’ll witness the step-by-step process of the transformation of the Henequen (or Green Gold as it was known throughout the region), from plant to fiber and from fiber to finished product. We’ll have lunch here and enjoy the culture – it’s quite fascinating!

You will also have the opportunity to see the antique machinery that has been rescued from the ravages of time and rebuilt to precise operational capacity. Take the time for a refreshing swim in the onsite cenote at the end of the tour, where you can swim in the cool waters and get refreshed before our ride home.

Day 9 – April 1st – Oxkintok (b/l/d)

Labna, 2012 Spiritual Journey

Oxkintok (“Three Flint Suns” or “Three Day Flint”) was once an important ceremonial center in the Puuc region. Hieroglyphic inscriptions show some of the oldest dates known in Yucatan. The oldest and most well known building of Oxkintok is the Tzat Tun Tzat, Mayan for labyrinth or place in which one may be lost.

Built in three levels on top of each other, its interior forms a maze of long, narrow rooms, connected by small gates and narrow stairs. As you remember, Uxmal means “thrice built.”

Today we integrate the experiences of our journey on three levels and marry them. We’ll have the opportunity to explore this interesting site and have a ceremony to celebrate our passage out of the underworld of our own minds in the light of the sun.

Realizing that our shadow (subconscious), our personality (conscious) and our Spirit (super-conscious) are one and totally accessible to all parts of our being is so powerful. When we stand firm in our Sacred Center, deep integrity and purpose – we embody the awareness of our totality and wholeness. There is nothing to hide, reject or deny: We are whole, perfect and complete as we are. Having manifested our initial intent this week we’ll be celebrating tonight!

Day 10 – April 2nd – Home (b/-/-)

Today we depart for home, rested, and nourished from our time together. Ready to bring our light forth, we take our new awareness and consciousness home with us. Please note: we do have a 6 hour ride from Uxmal to Cancun so I suggest making an evening flight back home.



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