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About Ken von Roenn III:

Ken von Roenn III

Ken von Roenn III is the creator of Skanda Yoga, and is a former affiliate of Anusara Yoga. A practitioner for 13 years, Ken presents a dynamic synthesis of attributes from many Hatha Yoga systems. Ken holds a B.A. in Philosophy, and was an honors graduate in 2000 from the Yoga East Teacher Training program. He has since then studied alignment and therapeutics extensively.

Ken is determined to advance the potential of humanity, and is deeply committed to Divining a higher form of practice, one that embraces advanced techniques and extreme methods for a complete transformation of mind, body, and spirit. Ken is certified as a Level III Reiki Master and has been practicing for over 10 years. He uses stones and crystals to amplify the energy and to clear the field of heavy vibrations from negative past experiences. He concludes the session while playing crystal bowls.

Skanda Yoga is a breath-inspired, alignment-based power vinyasa style. The warrior spirit is invoked to initiate a transformation, and the energy of the Mayan calendar is embodied to align with nature’s cyclical patterns. Most importantly, yoga is a universal tool that, when used properly, unveils the light at the core of our being and helps us identify as an artful expression of Grace.

About Lina Vallejo:

Lina Vallejo

Lina is a gifted and refined yoga teacher practicing her art and teaching for over 10 years. She began studying all forms of Hatha yoga, and received her certificate specializing in Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. She later directed her studies in Anusara, and was an inspired-Anusara teacher before the creation of Skanda Yoga.

Now she pursues the evolution of Skanda with Ken von Roenn III combining her vast knowledge of many diverse spiritual traditions with the playful art of yoga asana. Lina’s classes will guide you through a strong, challenging practice, with spiritually inspiring instruction. She is a transformational healer and life coach, that is committed to healing through asana, nutrition, detox, numerology, iridology, and Thai massage. Lina is also available for private lessons and life coaching.

The most fulfilling part of teaching yoga is seeing the transformation in my students.” As the owner of Skanda Yoga Studio in Brickell, Lina Vallejo is on an extreme mission to accentuate the power of the mind and body. “Many don’t think that yoga is an extreme sport, but that’s because they haven’t practiced with me,” she says, promising that the alignment-based power vinyasa offered at Skanda will shake you to the core.

I had a strong aversion to the practice after my first experience. I was distracted, chewing gum, and not breathing properly — but yoga forced me into the moment so that I could reflect on who I was being in the world,” she says. Eventually, yoga took over her life and put her on the path to heal others. “I’ve had students come in completely closed emotionally and negative about life,” she says. “After a few weeks their armor breaks down, their hearts open and their inner light begins to shine.”

Fun Facts:
She’s fearless. “I was the first female bungee jumper in Colombia, and hold many records for the highest and most dangerous jumps. I also always went first, so I could test the gear!”
She’s taught royalty. “I was invited personally by the Prince of Saudi Arabia to teach him yoga for a week while he vacationed in Seychelles. It was a surreal experience that I will never forget.”
She embraces her inner light. “I’m an instrument of love and approval to the world and myself. In the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti: ‘Only the intelligence of love and compassion can solve all problems of life.”T


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