TEOTIHUACÁN, MEXICO: Akashic Records Intensive – to be announced

Are you looking to…

  • Connect with the ancient wisdom in the stones at Teotihuacan?
  • Access your Akashic Records for the purpose of illuminating growth, healing, and guidance?
  • Learn to open to receiving information in ways that you have not experienced before?
  • Transcend the subconscious programming and robotic responses that we carry within the self?
  • Practice setting yourself in the mode of pure and unconditional service to others?


Personal and professional transformation begins during this Intensive with author and Shaman Ernesto Ortiz at one of the most celebrated sacred sites in the world: Teotihuacán, home of the majestic Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, culminating in a lasting commitment to a better life and world.

Our Akashic Records training program is designed to engage the serious spiritual seeker, the one who knows he/she has a greater mission in life. The one who knows that by sharing this oral tradition they will live his/her life dedicated to making a difference.This training is all about YOU, your growth, your process, your personal healing and inspiration. The end result – a brighter and lighter you!!

Highlights Of Your Retreat:

  • Ten nights at the magical Dreaming House
  • Delicious homemade, authentic Mexican family style meals
  • Akashic Records Intensive training: levels I,II, and III
  • Connect with the energy of Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent, bringer of light and transformation
  • Experience a journey of purification and redemption traveling up the Avenue of the Dead

**The Sacred Prayer that enables us to access the Akashic Records was received in Teotihuacan
making this trip significantly special, as this is the first time that Ernesto
is teaching his Akashic Records Intensive here.

The Dreaming House

This magical city is located approximately one hour northeast of Mexico City. We stay at the The Dreaming House, behind a gated wall in the village of San Sebastian Xolopan, adjacent to the ancient city of Teotihuacán. Within its spacious compound are a dozen rooms decorated with the art of Mexico’s past, both recent and distant. The rooms have modern conveniences, but no modern annoyances. It’s a magical place for a magical time.

“Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive – the risk to be alive and express what we really are.”
~ don Miguel Ruiz

Want to Join Us?

Questions? Give us a ring at 727-421-0849 or 866-866-5566 – we can’t wait to hear from you! This is a profound and heartfelt trip – meant to connect you with your inner divine consciousness. Our intention is for you to become the highest expression of Spirit and light that you can be!



  1. colette says:


    i am interested in joining the tour to the opening of akasha records.
    Could you inform me on which dates you do the trip in july?
    Thank you a lot



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