Teotihuacán Akashic Records Itinerary

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Day 1 The Dreaming House (-/-/d)

Meet the group at the Mexico City Airport at 4:00 pm. Arrive at the lovely Dreaming House for dinner and a restful night. We stay at the The Dreaming House, behind a gated wall in the village of San Sebastian Xolopan, adjacent to the ancient city of Teotihuacán. Within its spacious compound are a dozen rooms decorated with the art of Mexico’s past, both recent and distant. The rooms have modern conveniences, but no modern annoyances.

The Dreaming House

Day 2-3 Akashic Records Level I (b/l/d)

This two-day intensive class is offered to enable YOU to experience the life transforming process of accessing your Akashic Records, thereby acquiring a tool that will forever be a source of profoundly illuminating growth, healing, and guidance.

Teotihuacán spiritual journey

The purpose of this class is to give participants an opportunity to learn a Sacred Prayer, opening their hearts to the Holy Spirit and receiving access to this magnificent realm.

In the Level I class, we focus on how to open and access the Records for ourselves. We start with an attunement that fine-tunes the information as it is being given to us by the Masters and Teachers of Akasha, and we start to learn how to translate that information.

We begin to understand how to formulate questions that will assist in the conversation as the information is given to us. We learn the Level I Grace Points (points of release or action that manifest in the hands) and how these Grace Points come to support our work and progress inside the Akashic Records.

We learn how the energy of the Akashic Records can create healing in our lives, how to identify patterns, behaviors, addictions, and co-dependencies, and how we can create choices to move more freely in life from a point of clarity and guidance.

Day 4 Teotihuacán (b/l/d)

Teotihuacán spiritual journey

As a people, the Toltecs lived thousands of years ago in the central valley of Mexico in the cities of Teotihuacan and Tula. For an ancient society they were amazingly advanced. They had incredible knowledge of science and spirit which led them to create a system of teaching that required enormous discipline and will, but was extremely effective. Combining their knowledge of the mind with a spiritual philosophy that incorporated the beauty of all the esoteric teachings, the Toltecs formed a perfect model for transcendence.

Focusing on the mind, Toltec wisdom teaches that humans are dreaming all the time and that the way we dream is what creates the limitations in our lives. Changing the programming of their domestication along with the creation of self love and respect was the key to the Toltecs personal and spiritual freedom.

Today we are going to begin our journey down the Avenue of the Dead shedding all the patterns, behaviors, addictions, and co-dependencies that we identified the past two days as we “die” to our old selves all all that no longer serves us. We are deeply aware that the stones hold deep wisdom and that in our Akashic studies the esoteric school of the ancient Toltecs will open for us!

Day 5-6 Akashic Records Level II (b/l/d)


In the Level II class you learn to open the Akashic Records for others. As in Level I, we will work with the art of translation of the information received from our Masters and Teachers, and we will become attuned to the essence of pure Love, Light, and the Holy Spirit.

This two-day class gives you the opportunity to deepen into your personal healing and add to the experience from Level I as you enter the sacred space of another seeker to access their Akashic Records. This experience in many cases is life transforming for the individuals receiving the information.

The Level II class offers you the opportunity to fine-tune your reception of information, as you not only receive information but also share it through the power of the spoken word. In working with others, you will be opening to receive the information in ways that you have not experienced before. You set yourself in the mode of pure and unconditional service to others and give the information as you receive it. This is the perfect time to open to sight, sound, taste, feelings, and emotions as you share what you get, and is often a time to invite loved ones to come in and communicate unfinished business, express love, or ask for forgiveness and resolution with the person you are reading for.

You will learn the Level II Grace Points, how to deal with patterns of interference, how to formulate better questions, how to create Sacred space, and additional meditations to increase your own vibrational frequency.

During this class you will also be able to work with fellow consultants as you team up and practice opening the Akashic Records for each other. You will have the opportunity to have your Records read and in the process validate your own answers.

Day 7 Teotihuacán (b/l/d)

Using the Masteries of Awareness, Transformation and Intent, thousands of Toltec apprentices transformed their dream of fear and were able to create a mass dream of love. Realizing you can only change what you are truly aware of allowed them to fully transform their reality. Knowing that there is only one force or energy in the universe gave the Toltecs the impetus to move beyond the illusion of separation within the dream and embrace their true divinity.

Today we are going to continue our journey up the Avenue of the Dead becoming more attuned to the essence of pure Love, Light, and the Holy Spirit as we continue to allow the old stories, non-truths, resentments, and anger to dissolve away into unconditional love and grace.

Day 8-9 Akashic Records Level III (b/l/d)

Teotihuacan Akashic Records Intensive

The Akashic Records Level III class is an integration of the previous two classes. After you have taken Levels I and II, you have then experienced the magic of information and the love that comes from the Masters and Teachers. You have had the privilege of consulting and opening the Akashic Records for other people.

In the Level III class, we deepen into the Akashic Records experience. This class is about YOU, and the deep personal healing that is possible once you get way below the surface and into the root system of the self. This system is what feeds you, what gives you nourishment and is active within the self – 24 hrs a day. It is part of the subconscious and the unconscious, and the subconscious programming and robotic responses that we carry within the self.

In the Level III class we will explore:

  • The art of questioning. How to formulate questions that can take you deeper.
  • Ancestral healing patterns.
  • Personal genealogy and how that is playing in your life
  • DNA and personal relationships.
  • Advanced Grace Points.
  • Imaginal Cells and how they play a major role in your life.
  • How to uncover and activate the Amos Code. This code is within the DNA as God’s signature and contains the message of healing and peace.
  • How to use the physical body to anchor all information and energy received.

Teotihuacan Spiritual Journey

At the conclusion of the Intensive the student will be awarded an Akashic Records Consultant certificate. If the student feels like he/she would like to continue with the training and become an instructor of the Akashic Records, then a meeting will be set with Ernesto or another certified instructor to enter the Teacher Training Program.

After the program and becoming a TNT (teacher in training) we will consult the Akashic Records and the student may at that point be released as a certified Journey to the Heart Instructor. Since there are three levels of teaching corresponding to the three levels of the Akashic Records classes, the TNT will be qualified to teach the Level I class. After that the student must meet the requirements to teach subsequent levels.

Day 10 Teotihuacán (b/l/d)

For many of us, our lives are not about love and joy, but instead, drama, pain and fear. So much so, that we have come to believe that this is just how the world and life is supposed to be! Not so! The Toltecs teachings say that life can be a dream of heaven on earth, an expression of every possibility and opportunity. A dream filled with abundance of peace, happiness, grace and love.

Today we are going to embody this weeks Akashic teachings and celebrate ourselves as pure light at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun fully embracing our divinity!

Day 11 Home Again (b/-/-)

We leave Teotihuacán for the Mexico City Airport today renewed and with a change of heart. New friends have been made and old friendships made stronger. We look forward to the challenge of bringing this new dream home with us along with the skills we have learned to create a healthier and more joyfilled life!


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