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Catherine Just’s Story:

Catherine Just

When I was 18 years old I was a senior in high school with a raging drug and alcohol addiction. I was deeply depressed and lost, and had no understanding that I had anything of value to offer the world. I didn’t relate to others around me and had a deep painful void in my soul that I was desperate to fill.

A required art class changed all of that for me. The art teacher, Mrs. Burke, told me that I was talented and needed to keep going with this art thing. It was the first time I felt like I had something I could do that was uniquely mine. It was life changing.

After I graduated high school, I checked myself into drug treatment and then enrolled into a 4 year art college. I studied photography and it became a way for me to really dive into my inner world and figure out how to say visually through images what was so painful for me say verbally. I received a BFA in photography. More importantly, I had figured out that life was worth living, sober, and that I could express myself fully through my art.

Today I have 23 years of sobriety and I’m honored to be able to call don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, my spiritual teacher. I feel blessed to have a photography business that focuses on eCourses and retreats for women who wish to get back to a Soul*Full way of living. I’ve showed my personal work in galleries around the country and National Geographic Magazine published one of my photos on their cover! In addition, there have been awards and kudos from Photo District News and other national magazines.

Photography and spirituality continue to enrich my life, teaching me ways to constantly shift from suffering and resentment to joy and love. I am also married to Jerry, a beautiful being that you can learn more about on his website, and we have a 2 year old son, Max Harrison who happens to have Down syndrome. Max is the brightest light I’ve ever met and he even has his own blog!

My life is abundant, rich and fulfilling. In other words – it’s yummy. I have so much gratitude for the many shifts that have taken place in my life and my goal is to pay it forward to those who are seeking to live life in a more meaningful and creative way. Visit her website at:


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