Important Information for the Teotihuacán Photography Workshop

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What’s Included:

  • All meals are included in this itinerary. But if you eat at any of the local restaurants, you probably will need to pay in cash so plan accordingly!
  • All spiritual teachings are included.
  • All tips for our bus drivers and baggage handlers (one bag per person) are included
  • All ground transportation; unless you do not arrive with the group and separate transport is needed.

What’s Not-Included:

  • Your round trip air flight to and from Mexico City is not included
  • Other non-included items would be: phone calls, laundering services and souvenir shopping!
  • Tips for the maids (we recommend $1.00/day for the maids) and the waiters are not-included

There’s the possibility of participating in a traditional Temazcal sweat lodge given by local healer and curandera Dona Emma. Dona Emma also does therapeutic massage and healings if you are interested.

How to get to Mexico City:

Regarding Flights: Feel free to make your own flights, but please confirm them with us before booking. If you need help – no worries, Ales in Custom Travel is our travel guru – feel free to ring him at: 604-204-0444, 866-866-5566 or email him and it will be his pleasure to assist you!

Keep in Mind:

FYI: You can use a digital and/or film camera on this journey. Any format is acceptable as long as you already have an understanding of how your camera gear works. During our time together we will not be developing film – as the primary purpose of this trip is the process of creation, rather than the outcome. Come prepared to allow your creativity to flow without attachment to viewing the result.

I’ll be bringing my laptop to download our digital images if time permits, but it will not be our primary focus. Just in case, please bring your own camera memory card reader to use on my laptop. (A memory card reader connects to the USB port on a computer. Upon inserting a camera memory card into the readers slot, images are transferred from the digital camera to the computer to be viewed. It is preferable to have a reader that does not require a driver to be installed on my computer to work.) I will send you a list of other things to bring once you sign up for the retreat.

The actual schedule of spiritual teachings, photography teachings and what we will be doing day to day is not published so we can be in the moment. Every day will be a magical experience for all of us, so keep your heart and mind open to the experience life brings us. Due to the remote areas we are traveling to, weather, bad roads and other unseen obstacles may cause us to make changes in our itinerary.


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