My new spiritual teacher – Surya the Orangutan

Sometimes while walking our spiritual path we find a teacher that inspires us to open our hearts in ways we never thought possible. Although we normally assume that this teacher will be human – often animals are some of the most powerful transmitters of universal wisdom.

Surya and Rosco

Surya and Rosco

In this video you are going to meet Surya an Orangutan who demonstrates to us the way to open your heart and arms to those you don’t even know. Rather than coming from fear – Surya shows us how to show compassion and presence. In this video Surya meets a hound dog named Rosco, and they become fast friends. Notice how Surya is not selfish or jealous. He always gives half his food to the dog expressing generosity and caring.

Best of all, these guys know how to have fun. Look at yourself and ask these questions:

  • Do you express the amount of joy in your daily like that Surya does?
  • Do you share half of what you have with others?
  • Are you kind first or do you judge first when you meet others?
  • Can you find your happiness in the smallest of things?
  • Do you honor your friends and family?

If you can’t answer yes to the above – then perhaps this is the perfect example of how the human ego mind and it’s judgment can stop us from demonstrating the unconditional inherent in all beings. Take a moment to watch this video and let me know what you think by posting below!

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  1. Tricia Glynn says:

    One of the most joyful videos I have ever seen. These animals have no bias or prejudices and love each other unconditionally even though they are different species. We humans have so much to learn from animals.
    Every person I have forwarded this too writes back saying everyone they know will be getting this precious love story. Thank you so much for this priceless lesson in friendship.

  2. Angela Kondrak says:

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the video. The following message appeared on the usual youtube screen: “This video contains content from National Geographic, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”
    best wishes,


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