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Yoga Retreat Spain

*All hikes are in easy terrain, the intent is mindful immersion while honoring the body’s love of movement. We will offer two styles of yoga, one restorative/stretch, which requires no yoga experience; and a Vinyasa Flow style for beginning and intermediate yoga practitioners.

Day One

Receive a warm welcome at Suryalila Retreat Center in Villa Martin, Spain. It is time to check in, meet your hosts and take a look around before sharing an organic gourmet vegetarian supper. After dinner, we will circle briefly for introductions, gentle movement and a meditation before we all retire to catch up on some sleep.

Day Two

Andalucía, Costa del Luz Retreat

You wake up to the sun and the hills of Andalucía. We will start with some yoga and gentle stretching to support the body, followed by a lovely breakfast. We will then meet for a mindful awareness session to create optimum state to become aware of thoughts and emotions as we go through our day.

After lunch, we will set out on a brief hike to a beautiful spot local to the center and begin with our first meditation to open to the land and our heart connection to the earth. After a siesta and a gourmet, vegetarian dinner, we will meet to go inward, set the tone for our journey and share our experiences of the day.

Day Three

Andalucía, Costa del Luz Retreat

Another wonderful start as you wake up to the stillness of the surrounding olive groves. Some yoga and gentle stretching to meet your needs is followed by another lovely breakfast and perhaps a stroll outside to greet the morning. The group will take a bus trip to the beautiful blue waters of the Costa de la Luz and to Baelo Claudia, the ancient ruins of a 2nd century Roman town with its temples to Juno, Minerva and Jupiter.

We will do a ceremony at the Temple of Isis followed by a mindful walk along the coast and a picnic lunch. You will have some time to enjoy the sun and the surf before we head home to Suryalila and dinner. Our evening gathering will celebrate the day with sharing.

Day Four

Andalucía, Costa del Luz Retreat

After a good night’s sleep, you treat the body to your deep awareness of movement and meditation. After breakfast, we set out to the city of Ronda to our south through the gorgeous hills and mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Arriving in Ronda, we will walk to the Casa Del Ray Moro, where we will stroll through the botanical gardens and then descend the Mina, a remarkable 365 steps cut inside and through the cliff down to the river below – we will descend and ascend with mindful purpose and chanting feeling the energies shift with our intention.

After a picnic lunch, we will walk to a path that leads us to the 18th century church of the Virgen de la Cabeza and the 9th century Moorish cave church located in the hillside. More ceremony and meditation will enrich our sense of connection to the sacred imprint in this land and in our own selves. A trip back to Ronda gives us breathtaking views of the city and the park. Our bus returns us to Suryalila for dinner and rest before an evening of free time to write or rest.

Day Five

Yoga Retreat Spain

Another beautiful morning as you waken slowly and mindfully for some early stretching and greeting of the sun. After breakfast, we will meet and then head out for a journey through time to see the 25,000 BC cave paintings at the Cueva de la Pileta. Etched in charcoal and red and yellow ochres, these paintings are from a time when our human connection to the earth and to the animals was primal and real.

We will then take a short hike to honor this connection and the local beauty southwest of Ronda. Returning to Suryalila, we will siesta, have dinner and do ceremony under the stars, weather permitting.

Day Six

Spiritual Retreat Spain

Today after breakfast and yoga, we will board the bus for a relaxed mindful hike through the endangered and majestic Fir trees, flowers, bird life and the Ravel amphitheater of mountains. The Moors came to this area for water and for music! We will spend our time feeling the joy of our connection and allowing the natural world to envelop and inform us. A picnic lunch and ceremony for the trees will highlight our day before we return for an evening of music and mystery.

Day Seven

Spiritual Retreat Spain

Our last full day together will be spent be spent traveling a short distance to the town of Jerez de la Frontera. Inhabited since Neolithic times this city of palaces, cathedrals, a restored mosque, gardens, a bath house and gypsies is the home of the most famous Sherry wine bodegas, the archives of the history of Flamenco dancing and the Royal Andalucían School of Equestrian Art (horse ballet).

Various tours are available of the above, we will spend some mindful walking time together and you will have some time on your own. We will celebrate the evening with dinner and some live flamenco dancing! This is the place where we feel our connection to our humanity with and our creative desires and dreams.

Day Eight

Andalucía, Costa del Luz Retreat

Our last lovely morning is here as we stretch, break bread and embrace before we head out for our safe excursions home (or elsewhere!)

A trip you will never forget, friends you will cherish, connections to nature, humanity and your own dear heart that will linger and deepen over the coming days and years!

*The itinerary above is subject to change according to the weather conditions of the will match the weather as best we can to the planned activity.

Spiritual Retreat Spain



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