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About Sharee:

Sharee is a naturopath and a yoga and meditation teacher that has been leading retreats in Nepal for the past 7 years.

It is truly a dream come true for Sharee to do this work and facilitate people like you on your journey towards wholeness.

“I love nothing more than witnessing the shift in your eyes after you have witnessed your first Himalayan panorama, or hearing from how several months after the trip you have implemented some of the tools we taught and your life has changed so much for the better.”

Sharee believes that spiritually-oriented journeys can be life-changing:

When we travel somewhere new, we see the world with new eyes. We must give up our illusion of control and regain our sense of wonder. This can be a powerful catalyst for self-transformation and joy. And when we visit somewhere sacred and magnificent, such as the Himalayan mountains, we experience something magical that can never be forgotten.”


Thank you Sharee for an amazing trip to Nepal. You gave me a taste of what Nepal has to offer and everyday brought a new experience. The trip was so well organised and I always felt safe in your capable hands. Practicing yoga taught me so much about myself and has enabled me to grow as a teacher and a person. I loved learning about the healing powers of the singing bowl and I have used it often since being home. There is a now a little bit of Nepal in my heart and when I close my eyes I can see the sunrise over the Himalayas and again feel the peace of that moment.” ~Michelle Donath, Australia

This trip was for me, a spiritual quest and I found that Sharee and her enlightened team of practitioners fulfilled my requirements. Tour guide “Dip” with his profound wealth of knowledge guided us around Kathmandu Valley with ease and comfort. Questions I asked Raja were answered with such depth that several times I was reduced to tears – there are others that brought a specialness to this magical time in Nepal. I was sad when my journey came to an end and I had to leave these people that had such an impact on my life. In the future I hope I will be fortunate enough to join Sharee once again as she delivers a tour that feeds your soul completely.” ~Deb Smith, Australia


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