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Spiritual Retreats India

Day 1: Mumbai

You will arrive at Mumbai airport on the night of the 14th. Our tour members will be waiting for you outside of baggage claim with a big sign that says “Sacred Pilgrimage.” We will transport you to the hotel, which is 12 miles away where you can relax and get a good night’s rest. In the morning (Day 1) a beautiful buffet breakfast awaits you. The welcome ceremony begins at 11:00 am.

Day 2: Radha Gopinath Temple

Morning Yoga Practice. Visit the awe inspiring Radha Gopinath Temple, known for its incredible bhakti hospitality and rich spiritual culture. Dine in their world class Pure Vegetarian Restaurant. Participate in a Sacred Fire Sacrifice performed by priests to invoke blessings for our pilgrimage.

Day 3: Ferry to Elephant Island

Spiritual Trip to India

Transcendental sight-seeing in Mumbai. Gateway to India and Ferry to Elephant Island where we’ll explore 3 ancient and massive monolithic cave temples of Brahma, Shiva & Vishnu, first discovered by the Portuguese.

Day 4 – 6: Govardhana Eco-Village Farm

Morning Yoga Practice, then head out of the city to the enchanting Govardhana Eco-village farm, where all the food will be Ayurvedic, fresh and organic.


We’ll stay in beautiful earth homes, practice yoga on a traditional hardened clay floor, explore, hear and chant, and savor the delicious local cuisine.

Ayurvedic treatments and various classes on bhakti will be offered.

Day 7 – 9: Jagannath Puri

Fly to Jagannath Puri, one of India’s best kept secrets – a sacred beach town in Orissa dedicated to the ancient deity of Jagannatha, God of all people. Set in idyllic surroundings, our accommodation at The Coco Palms is a haven of peace.


Formerly the retreat of Orissan royalty, set away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, it lies on a stretch of pristine coastline and is the perfect natural setting for going deep into spiritual reflection.

We will enjoy daily Ayurvedic treatments, yoga sessions and swimming in the ocean. Above all, we will feel the deep roots of devotion in the soil of Orissa that grew on its own through the worship of its devotees.

Day 7: Visit local temples, Ayurvedic treatments, swim, special dinner of Jagannatha prasada, Evening stories and sanga

india-pindu-sarovara-lakeDay 8: The ledgendary Kedar Gauri Temple in Bhubaneswar, home to 8 feet deities of Hanuman and Goddess Durga will host us for a lunch of traditional Oriyan cuisine on the banks of the sacred Bindu Sarovara Lake. In the evening, amidst the setting sun and moonlit sky, students from the acclaimed Rudraks Odissi Dance Academy will perform.

Day 9: Morning Yoga, Ayurvedic treatments, swim, exploring the town of Puri, treasure hunting in local artisan villages and markets. Sunset meditation and kirtan on the beach.

Day 10: Mayapur and Navadwipa

Spiritual Journey India

Fly to Kolkata and drive to Mayapur. We will fly to Kolkata and head to the sacred villages of Mayapur and Navadwipa. Mayapur is the home to an impressive Hare Krishna temple community and charming historic Vaishnava temples.

Mayapur is the birthplace of Chaitanya Deva, the 16th century saint who started the kirtan revolution, which we are all part of today. 500 years ago Chaitanya Deva traveled through forests and jungles and on the bank of the Ganges to share kirtan and we will be in some of those very same places.

We arrive at our stately accommodations and enjoy lunch overlooking the sacred Ganges River. In the evening we will take a mystical boat ride on Mother Ganga. We will sing sweet kirtan, take sacred bath, and offer floating lamps and flowers to Mother Ganges.


Kirtan is a powerful access point for entrance into the bhakti experience and this is the essence of Mayapur. Here, kirtan happens ever so gently and naturally. As we settle into the transcendental and tropical surroundings of Mayapur, absorbing the kirtan that surrounds us we will begin to feel that awakening of Bhakti in our own hearts. Love takes on a new, vaster, greater meaning.

Day 11: Bengali Artisan Weavers Village

Morning Yoga session. We will be exploring a local Bengali artisan weavers village and see how simply and peacefully these people live. Watch them weave beautiful sarees on looms and savor an authentic Bengali meal in the home of a gracious villager. If time permits, we will cross the sacred Jalangi River and visit Paramatala – the 1,000 year old temple of Lord Shiva inside of a huge banyan tree. Evening kirtan and sanga with special guest.

Day 12: ISKCON Vedic Planetarium & Bhaktivedanta Academy


VIP tour of the ISKCON Vedic Planetarium and Temple. Visit to the Bhaktivedanta Academy, a gurukula (school) modeled after the traditional Vedic system dating back thousands of years. Step back in time and witness alternative living at its utmost purity. We will get to meet Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami, the founder of the school, Vedic scholar, teacher, bhakta, and resident of Mayapur for over 30 years. His insights into education and spirituality are cutting edge and enlightening. Evening closing ceremony.

Day 13: Home

Back to Kolkata for homebound flight. Our hearts are filled with the joy and light of India~


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