Itinerary for Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Canyon de Chelly

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Day 1- (-/-) FARMINGTON

We meet in Farmington, New Mexico and arrive at our hotel as our base camp for the next couple of days.

Day 2- (b/l/-) CHACO CANYON

Chaco Canyon

Today we start our day exploring the amazing Chaco Canyon. There is so much mystery surrounding these ruins and the purpose for their presence. Chaco Canyon was a major center of ancestral Puebloan culture between AD 850 and 1250. It was a hub of ceremony, trade, and administration for the prehistoric Four Corners area – unlike anything before or since. We overnight in Farmington.

Day 3- (b/l/d) MESA VERDE

We leave early in the morning for Mesa Verde. This morning after breakfast we make the journey to Mesa Verde to our new home at the Fairview Lodge in the National Park itself! Our lodge has incredible views of the park and it is beautiful to be staying inside this powerful location.

Day 4- (b/-/d) MESA VERDE

Mesa Verde

Today we adventure through Mesa Verde and take in all the wonderful areas. In Southwest Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park is the nation’s richest archaeological preserve with over 4000 sites. We will have the opportunity to visit the wonderful ruins at Cliff Palace, Spruce Tree and Balcony House. In addition we will hike one of the powerful trails and experience ancient petroglyphs. There’s no better way to explore these ancient sites and spectacular cliff dwellings than to stay in the Park, in the midst of their magic.

Day 5- (b/-/d) CANYON DE CHELLY

After an early breakfast we leave for Canyon de Chelly. We will take in lunch and then hike into the canyon where we will stay for the next four days camping under the stars. Canyon de Chelly is unique among National Park service units, as it is comprised entirely of Navajo Tribal Trust Land that remains home to the canyon community.

Day 6- (b/-/d) CANYON DE CHELLY

Canyon De Chelly

Once settled in the canyon we will take time to do a vision quest today spending time alone to contemplate our life and get clarity on our life’s purpose. This is the perfect land for our process, the quiet, the solitude and the actual intent of the land – centuries of ceremony and prayer took place here.

Day 7- (b/l/d) CANYON DE CHELLY

Today we explore one of the most immense canyons by foot. Our hosts take us for a beautiful walk past the cottonwood trees and many sacred ruins. We enjoy wonderful food by the fire and a fire ceremony by night.

Day 8- (b/l/d) CANYON DE CHELLY

Our hosts Jon and Lupita, will take us to some of the more remote and beautiful locations in the canyon.



This morning we finish our explorations of Canyon de Chelly and hike back out by late afternoon. It is important to remember that Canyon de Chelly sustains a living community of Navajo people, who are connected to a landscape of great historical and spiritual significance – a landscape composed of places infused with collective memory. Tonight we travel back to Farmington where we overnight and get ready for our flights back home in the morning.

Day 9- (b/-/-) HOME

Today we leave these sacred places and make our way back to the airport. We say our last goodbyes, hugs and kisses as we prepare to take our new dream of heaven back to our lives!



  1. frank verbeeck says:

    indeed I would love to participate but travel dates are critical


  2. Veronica says:

    This journey sounds wonderful. When does it take place?


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