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Catherine Just’s Story:

Catherine Just

Catherine Just is an award winning photographer, spiritual teacher and the creator of the Fear*Less Movement. Her photography has been published on the cover of National Geographic Magazine and inside And she has won several awards for her photographic work.

Catherine in on a quest to fill the world with spirited, creative, resilient & Fear*Less women.

She writes, makes art, coaches, and leads courses, retreats & virtual summits to propel The Fear*Less Movement forward.

Catherine thrives on the thrill of creating something out of nothing. She gets scared, shy & timid – nearly every day. She takes a breath and does the work anyway. Catherine believes that we all need to embrace our greatness and put our best work out there for others. Even when fear is present, we cannot let that stop us from sharing our unique point of view with the world. Join the movement, and don’t leave before the miracle happens.
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