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About Dale:

Dale Allen Hoffman

Dale Allen Hoffman is an “eternal student of the Aramaic teachings of Yeshua (Jesus)” and a 15-year teacher of spiritual insights from the ancient Aramaic language and culture. He has been a featured writer and guest for numerous publications and radio programs and is the Director of the international Aramaic Healing Circle. The essential core of Dale’s work is to help pierce through heavy religious dogma and to re-awaken the direct personal experience of the Divine Christ within ourselves which often lies embedded within the core of original Christian, Gnostic and virtually all Sacred spiritual texts from the languages in which they were originally spoken and written. Dale feels that this distinction is incredibly profound and radically transformative to the awakening of humanity.

Dale grew up in southern New Jersey with both Episcopalian and Methodist traditions, including intensive bible studies with his grandmother. He always felt something was missing from that King James Bible, and so was on a search for spiritual truth before he was old enough to realize it. When he was 9 he had a spiritual experience that he could not comprehend until he was an adult, when it would profoundly affect his consciousness. Introduced in his early 20’s to the native Aramaic teachings of Yeshua, he spent the next 14 years studying the works of many preeminent Aramaic language scholars, spiritual teachers, and religious figures. He is now, himself, considered by many to be one of the world’s leading authorities on the direct, practical application of the ancient Aramaic teachings of Yeshua. He is working on his first book, “Awakening Heaven: Seven Sacred Lights of Aramaic Yeshua”. You can find out more about his life story, passions and inspirations here: About Dale.


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