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Celtic Mystical Journey

The Western Isles (Mull and Iona islands are part of the Inner Hebrides) have a long history of human habitation and we’ll be visiting some sites as old as Stonehenge – c.5000 years old!

There is a major leyline running north/south called the Callanish line with its associated feminine and masculine earth energy currents which you will have the opportunity to explore.

Day 1 – Thur 18th May

Scotland Spiritual Tour

Your guides, Cameron & Glenn Broughton, will meet you at Glasgow Airport and immediately your adventure begins as we travel along the banks of Loch Lomond through the spectacular scenery of the Trossachs National Park to our hotel in Oban.

Oban is a small but bustling port town with a beautiful bay and a colorful history. Our hotel is right on the Promenade with gorgeous views across the Bay. We gather for a welcome drink before dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 2 – Fri 19th May

We start the day with an orientation meeting to set the stage for the tour ahead.  Then we’re off to the Kilmartin Valley with over 350 Neolithic and Bronze Age sacred sites! This entire landscape was held to be sacred and was the focal point for spirituality by our distant ancestors. We visit Nether Largie Standing Stones believed by Alexander Thom to be an astronomical observatory from nearly five thousand years ago.

Close by are the twin Templewood Stone Circles set in a copse of trees. It is a perfect location for our Intention Setting Meditation. A short walk takes us to Nether Largie cairn that we can enter where we conclude our time in the Kilmartin Valley. On the way home we visit the Kintraw Stone, a site aligned to the solstices, located with wonderful views over the Sound of Jura. See if you think the stone looks like a wise old man…

Free-choice dinner not included in tour price

Day 3 – Sat 20th May

Iona Pilgrimage

We catch the early ferry from Oban to Craignure on Mull, a 45 minute sailing. We then have an hour’s scenic drive through Mull to the ferry terminal over to the sacred Isle of Iona.

Our day on Iona includes Iona Abbey, with its beautiful acoustic Chapel. St. Columba established a monastery here in 563AD that was eventually destroyed by the Vikings. Following these raids a Benedictine Abbey was established over 800 years ago.

Still an active Christian community today the Abbey is open to visitors and includes St Columba’s cell and beautifully carved tombstones of many kings and chieftans. Close by, the Nunnery gardens are sublime and peaceful and will be full of colorful flowers.

We also offer a hike up Dun I the only hill on Iona. This is a hike as there’s no footpath so good walking boots/shoes are required! Energy lines converge on the summit and the Pool of Eternal Youth is located there.  We will meditate to connect to our spirit and angelic guides here. Iona is on a leyline connecting it to the energies of Callanish stone circle further north in the Hebrides that we can detect by dowsing. We catch the return ferry to Mull where we stay for the night.  Dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 4 – Sun 21st May

We start this day with a drive through the glorious scenery of Glen Coe, dubbed the most romantic glen in Scotland, and view the dramatically located Castle Stalker.  Onward to our palatial hotel in Pitlochry in the Central Highlands, where we will stay for two nights.

The rest of the day is free for you to explore Pitlochry that has a good selection of shops and restaurants as well as two whisky distilleries (that offer guided tours & tastings!) and nearby Blair Castle.   Free-choice dinner not included in tour price

Day 5 – Mon 22nd May

We are aware that we are in a place of power, mystery and magic, where several leylines cross and the oldest surviving goddess tradition in Scotland is still kept alive by the locals. Mt Shiehallion to the north is the protective guardian and source of power, a fairy-mountain and portal into the inner Earth.

Our first visit is to the Fortingall Yew, believed to be the oldest tree in Europe at 5,000 years old. It is the entrance into the magical valley of Glen Lyon and provides us with a living connection to the ancient wisdom of this land, because this tree started its life when the stone circles were being built.

We then visit the energetic stone circle of Croft Moraig, which is in reality a horseshoe of stones surrounded by a bank and a stone circle, a design that is reminiscent of Stonehenge in England. Finally we visit the sixteenth century St Mary’s church at Grandtully, that has a wonderful ancient painted wooden ceiling, was built on a power center originally used by the gnostic Culdee church. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 6 – Tues 23rd May

Scotland Spiritual Tour

We start the day with another scenic drive to Dunfermline, the medieval capital of Scotland, where we find energy currents coursing through the Abbey grounds. We will be happy to show you how to dowse for these energies with rods or pendulum.

A leyline passes through here connecting it with many sacred sites further south in England including the former capital city of Winchester. Dunfermline Abbey is one of Scotland’s most important cultural sites housing the remains of many kings and queens of Scotland along with Robert the Bruce whose tomb lies close by the pulpit.

After lunch we travel to our hotel in the present capital city of Edinburgh we will check in (for a three-night stay) before we have a guided visit to the historic fortress of Edinburgh Castle that has sat regally atop Castle Rock for 800 years. The Scottish Crown Jewels are on display in the castle and St Margaret’s Chapel, within the castle grounds, is the oldest free-standing building in Edinburgh, dating to the twelfth century.  Free-choice dinner not included in tour price.

Day 7 – Wed 24th May

Today is free for you to explore the aspects of Edinburgh that appeal to you, from Holyrood Palace, Mary King’s Close (an underground labyrinth of seventeenth century streets) to shopping on The Royal Mile.  Free-choice dinner not included.

Day 8 – Thur 25th May

Rosslyn Church

This final day includes guided visits to Rosslyn Chapel, Temple. Rosslyn Chapel, made famous by The DaVinci Code, is a remarkable building full of secrets, Green man carvings and esoteric symbolism that our guide will tell us about. It is like no other chapel or church you have been to before. We’ll also visit the ruins of Rosslyn Castle across the valley from the chapel and discover a secret cave close by.

Temple was once the main preceptory or headquarters of the famed Knights Templar in Scotland. Today the ruins of the church have a distinct atmosphere and Templar markings can be seen such as skull and crossbones on several gravestones.  Farewell dinner at our hotel.

Day 9 – Fri 26th May

A one-hour drive to Glasgow airport for return flights home. Our hearts are filled with the wonder and mystery of Scotland – sad to leave this beautiful country but with great gratitude for the experience OR to continue on with us to Orkney!

Optional Add-on – Orkneys’ Mysteries Revealed
May 26-29, 2017

Day 1 – Fri 26th May

The group flies to Kirkwall, Mainland Orkney from Glasgow International Airport (included). After arriving we will check into our hotel in Kirkwall and then make a late afternoon visit to the Italian Chapel, a remarkable testament to the power of love over war. This labour of love was designed and constructed by Italian prisoners of war during world war II and still has a powerfully emotional effect on visitors. Dinner at the hotel

Day 2 – Sat 27th May

Today we continue our pilgrimage of this sacred landscape, visiting Stennes Stone Circle and the Ring of Brodgar, Neolithic temples whose location and orientation made them perfect astronomical observatories. On our previous visit we dowsed strong energy currents connecting all these sites within the landscape. In between them is the ongoing excavation at the Ness of Brodgar that may well rewrite the Neolithic history of Britain. All these sites and Maeshowe are intervisible one from the other.

We then visit the ancient Neolithic village of Skara Brae by the shore of the Bay of Skaill. This village is believed to have been inhabited for about 600 years between 3200BC and 2200BC. We will discover and see how developed our ancestors were with the architecture still preserved on site today. Free-choice dinner not included

Day 3 – Sun 28th May

This morning we will visit the Rennibister Earth House, which is believed to be around 3000 years old, rediscovered in 1926 by a farmer. Was it a habitation, a storage place or an underground initiation chamber? You can decide for yourself.

Travelling down the road we will then have a guided tour of the impressive Maeshowe chambered cairn. The internal chamber is considered to be the best Neolithic tomb in all of Northwest Europe, over 5000 years old. The chamber is aligned with the midwinter solstice as the rising sun enters its passageway at this important time of year. Upon entering you’ll be in awe of the amazing stonework as well as the later twelfth century Viking graffiti!

The rest of the day is free for you to explore Kirkwall, including its fine museum, St Magnus Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace, the Earl’s Palace, to do last minute shopping or to discover the harbour area. They are all close by one another and walkable from the hotel.

St Magnus Cathedral is a fine example of Romanesque architecture, started in the twelfth century and still an active place of worship today. The neighbouring Bishop’s Palace, constructed at the same time, is now an atmospheric ruin with a tower from which you can look down over the cathedral and the town. The seventeenth century Earl’s Palace, also now a ruin, is adjacent to both.  Farewell Dinner at the hotel

Day 4 – Mon 27th Sept

This morning we will fly back to Glasgow International Airport for you to either catch a flight home, no earlier than 4:00PM, or to stay on for personal post-tour time in Glasgow.


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