MAYAN RIVIERA: Prayer Beads, Ancient Altars & Crystal Waters – to be announced

Ladies, are you looking to…

  • Deeply explore the art of prayer beads and altar making?
  • Gain concrete methods for having more peace and centeredness in your life?
  • Set your intent for the new year and participate in a special full moon ceremony?
  • Indulge yourself in deluxe spa treatments & come home rested & rejuvenated?
  • Create sacred space in your home where you can connect with infinite consciousness?


If so – join author Sheri Rosenthal and master beader Kathy Benson on this powerful spiritual retreat exploring the art of prayer beads and altar making. So many of us are looking to ground ourselves spiritually in this mechanized world – to remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings in a world of duality. Prayer beads and personal altars are two powerful ways of committing to ourselves to our spiritual growth and divine expression. Personal altars transform our homes into sacred space where we can rejuvenate and nourish ourselves. Prayer beads allow us to take our “altar on the road” so to speak – reminding us that the divine is everywhere we are.

For thousands of years humans have been beading for both adornment and spiritual purposes. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians have been using prayer beads to ground themselves in their devotion to Spirit – approximately 2/3 of our world prays using beads. In the African and American Indian cultures, beads are an important part of of their creative expression and their complex patterns and designs are firm evidence of Spirit expressing through them.

Highlights of Your Adventure:

  • Explore the art of prayer beads and altar making
  • No experience is necessary, only an open heart and mind
  • This trip is about the “spiritual” use of altars and prayer beads
  • Learn positive ways to create time & space in your life for deeper contemplation & inner meditation
  • Using ceremony and ritual, bless your beads on the altars at the sacred sites of Kohunlich, Dzbanche, Chacchoben & Oxtankah
  • Create beautiful objects filled with your deepest intent and love
  • Participate in a special full moon ceremony to set our intent for the new year!
  • Six nights at the restful Akal•ki Holistic Spa
  • Daily yoga classes!
  • Lounge in the stunningly crystal clear waters of Lake Bacalar
  • We’ll be supplying beads & tools along with any special ones you choose to bring

Akal•ki Holistic Spa

We’ll be staying at the Akal•ki Holistic Spa where you’ll experience the pristine quietude and sweet energy of the southern Yucatan. At Akal•Ki (take a moment to watch the video on the right –>), we’ll enjoy cabins at the edge of Lake Bacalar – a crystal clear sand bottom lake. It’s just a short walk out your door to the lake for a swim! Have a healing massage, or treat yourself to the deluxe spa treatments knowing you’ll be coming home rested and rejuvenated.

“All night she spent in bidding of her bedes
And all the day in doing good and godly deeds.”
~Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queen

Want to Join Us?

Questions? Give us a ring at 727-421-0849 or email us – we can’t wait to hear from you!



  1. Susana says:

    Are you planning on holding another Prayer Beads and Altars retreat in 2012? If so, when and where?

  2. Julia says:

    You’re right, Sheri, this retreat looks verrrrry interesting ~ just perfect for me! And the special 11/11 ceremony is an added plus +++ I will be speaking with you soon about this.

  3. becky joseph says:

    HI Sheri, This looks wonderful…I am going to talk with my sister about joining me for this one. Hopeful for lots of Jewel Kade parties to fund my venture again! Loved my time with you and others in Santa Fe.

  4. Kelly says:

    This looks like a dream. I hope to be able to pull the funds & the time together.

  5. Miryah Rasheed says:

    I am very interested in info about this trip

    • Dear Miryah,

      Thank you for posting! We would love for you to be able to join us. Look above and to the left at the navigation which will give you access to pricing, inclusions and our itinerary. If you have a specific question I would be happy to answer it for you. It is going to be a beautiful retreat and we are going to have a special 11/11/11 ceremony!
      Feel free to ring me at 727-421-0849.
      Blessings, Sheri

  6. Meghan says:

    I’m very interested : )

  7. Esther Shapiro says:

    This sounds fabulous!!! I’m sooooo interested in this trip!!!


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