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Day 0 Oct 25 (-/-/-) Depart for Lima

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Your journey to the mystical land of Peru begins tonight when you and your Beloved board your international flight.  If you are taking an overnight flight you will arrive in time for our morning flight to Cusco. For those of you taking a daytime flight you will stay at the Ramada Hotel tonight at the Lima Airport in preparation for our morning flight to Cusco.

Day 1 Oct 26 (-/l/d) Cusco / Sacred Valley

Early morning  flight to Cusco, capital of the Incan Empire located high in the Andes Mountains. We will be met by our Peruvian guide then board our private bus for a scenic drive to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This will be a slow and relaxing day giving us time to acclimate to the higher altitude and adjust to our Andean Mountain surroundings. We’ll have 4 days to explore and experience the sacred sites of this beautiful valley. Rest and then we’ll have our first group session after dinner. We will set our intentions for developing deeper intimacy in our relationships and we’ll be introduced to Tantra Tai Chi, an easy-to-do movement program that creates a framework for authentic connection with your Beloved.

For four glorious nights we’ll be staying at the beautiful and romantic Willka T’ika luxury resort. Located in one of the most energetically charged places on earth, Willka T’ika prides itself on serving the spiritual and cultural needs of guests seeking an authentic mind, body, spirit experience. Facilities include a spacious yoga studio, a massage and aromatherapy center, meditation sites, seven sacred gardens filled with flowers and medicinal Andean plants, food is 100% vegetarian and all the meals are lovingly prepared with organic, home-grown vegetables, herbs and Andean grains. There also 3 outdoor solar baths carved into stones. Guests may soak in hot waters filled with medicinal herbs, flowers and earth minerals after a workout, or gaze at the star-filled southern skies at night. Please take a moment to watch the video on this lovely center. (9360 ft)

Day 2 Oct 27 (b/l/d) Sacred Valley

This morning we gather together for our group session. (Please note that there will be no public sexual activity. Between group sessions, you return to your rooms for private “homeplay” assignments to personalize and develop the Tantric teachings alone with your Beloved – always a favorite part of the Intimacy Retreats!) Then in the afternoon we travel through the Sacred Valley, with its breathtaking vistas of the Urubamba River to Ollantaytambo (City of Dawn) an incredible ancient Inca city. We will walk in this original Incan town, visit the main altars and temples dedicated to the power animals of the Andean world. Two hundred steps lead up terraces to a double-jamb gateway and the Temple of Ten Niches, a long wall with odd protuberances. Above this is the unfinished Temple of the Sun, considered one of the masterpieces of Inca stonework. Six giant monoliths of pink rhyolite are perfectly slotted together with thin slices of stone and oriented to glow with the rising sun.

At Ollantaytambo we will discover the surprising Astronomical Watcher, which lies under the Tunupa’s glance (Part of the Wiraccochan myth) who is sculpted on stone in part of the Pinkuylluna mountain in front of the archaeological complex. This evening after dinner we will gather again for a group session. You and your Beloved will explore the awakening of your senses, allowing each of you to be delighted by the extraordinary life force available to you. Overnight at Willka T’ika

Day 3 Oct 28 (b/l/d) Sacred Valley

Pisac, Peru

Pisac, Peru

This morning, you and your Beloved will experience new forms of intimate communication, as you learn to give expression to your sensual desires. Then in the afternoon we’ll visit the ruins and market of Pisac. *Depending on how we are feeling physically, we will hike to the impressive City of P’isaq located high above the village. The ruined city provides one of the finest examples of ancient stonework. The panoramas are magnificent; terraces, water ducts and steps have been cut out of solid rock. In the upper section of the ruins, the main Sun Temple rivals anything at Machu Picchu. We’ll hike the non-tourist trail to the Inkan Temple of the Sun, a doorway to Hanakpacha, the upper Andean world of the Condor and messenger of the Gods.

This market has evolved into one of the biggest, artesania markets in all of South America. The town’s main square is filled wall-to-wall with stalls selling the full range of Peruvian felt hats, alpaca sweaters and blankets, carved gourds, ceramics, musical instruments, paintings, antiques, a huge variety of trinkets, weavings and jewelry. Evening group session together. Overnight at Willka T’ika.

Day 4 Oct 29 (b/l/d) Sacred Valley

Spending the day at our luxurious resort, this morning you and your Beloved will explore the Yin and Yang qualities of giving and receiving. We will focus on the necessary – and timely – emergence of the divine feminine in our relationships. In the evening, we will again meet as a group as we learn to honor the equally important divine masculine. Overnight at Willka T’ika.

Day 5 Oct 30 (b/-/d) Machu Picchu

Train to Machu Picchu

Train to Machu Picchu

This morning take the train to Aguas Caliente and the Lost City in the Clouds: Machu Picchu. We will ask permission of the Entities of the place:  The Puma, The Condor and the Ancient Spirits – then we’ll visit the Seven Places of Power. This entire stone complex is a high voltage magnetic focal point and every invocation made at Machu Picchu is amplified to incalculable proportions.

Merging our energies with this sacred site and deepening our understanding of the Inca mythology will be our focus today and tomorrow. You will practice intimate connection with your Beloved as you enter together into this sacred world. Overnight at the Hanaqpacha Hotel (or similar) in Aguas Caliente. (7500 ft)

Day 6 Oct 31 (b/-/d) Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

This morning we will take a group hike to the Sun Gate, or Huayna Picchu or Temple of the Moon. You and your Beloved will be able to explore the Royal Tomb, the Funerary Rock, the Sacred Plaza, Condor Temple and the Inihuatana Stone (known as the “hitching post of the sun” is a carved rock pillar whose four corners are oriented toward the four cardinal points.

The Inca were accomplished astronomers, and used the angles of the pillar to predict the solstices). You can explore having lunch at the Sanctuary Hotel right outside the gates of Machu Picchu and then do further exploration in the afternoon or take the bus back down to Aquas Caliente for some shopping and private time together or even have a private sound ceremony with Herbert, a local shaman. Overnight in Aguas Caliente.

Day 7 Nov 1 (b/l/-) Train to Cusco

Train to Cusco in the am. Early in the morning we will take the tourist train back to Ollantaytambo and then a bus to return to Cusco. On the way back we will visit the colorful market and ruins of Chinchero, This market offers a wonderful opportunity to buy woven goods, wall hangings, rugs, pottery, and many other types of handicrafts, as well as wonderful photographic opportunities. Observe the traditionally dressed campesinos coming to barter and sell their produce at the market.

We’ll also visit an artisan’s workshop where expert weavers demonstrate the process of dyeing alpaca, llama, sheave, etc. wool textiles using natural and organic vegetables and minerals as the Quechuas (Incas) did hundreds of years ago. Tantra itself is a term used in the art of weaving, and group session today will focus on weaving together the elements of physical, emotional and spiritual connection in your relationship. Thereafter we will explore the ancient city of Chinchero which was occupied by the Wari culture well before the Inca’s. Observe the remains of shrines and rock sculptures of puma’s and the wall with large trapezoidal niches big enough to stand up inside of them. Overnight in Cusco at the El Portal Hotel (or similar) 11,500 feet.

Day 8 Nov 2 (b/-/-) Cusco/Altars

Good Luck Bulls, Peru

Good Luck Bulls

Today we begin exploring the main Incan altars around Cusco, the navel of the earth. Cusco was laid out on a grid plan to reproduce the shape of a puma, their sacred mountain animal.

Morning visit to Kusillucchayoc, the Temple of the Moon. Feel the power of this sacred cave as you return to the womb, the beginning, a rebirth of your sacred self. Once inside, you feel humbled by the aura of this ancient sacred space, a transformation has already begun. This is a time of ceremony, heart opening and healing, as you feel yourself infused with love, you remember who you are as a divine being of love and light. You will embrace your Beloved and your relationship will soar to new heights.

Lunch and then we’ll visit one of the other beautiful sites that we haven’t seen yet (Tambo Machay or Qenqo) and enjoy a ceremony on site depending on the time available. Then in the evening there will be free time to explore the beautiful ancient churches of Cusco if you like. Overnight in Cusco.

Day 9 Nov 3 (b/-/d) Cusco/Altars

Today we will explore the pre-Inca site of Sacsayhuaman located high above the northern edge of the city, forming the head of the puma – and Coricancha temple forms the center of the grid. Coricancha was designed to be used as an astronomical observatory and calendar for precisely calculating the movements of the sun, stars and planets. It is said that forty or so lines emanating from the temple, running absolutely straight for hundreds of miles linking to significant celestial points on the horizon.Sacsayhuaman looms over Cusco to the north with three ramparts of zigzag walls that run for nearly 300 meters on its north side. We will feel the energy and honor each of these sacred places. Moderate hiking required.

After Coricancha we suggest going to the weaving collective around the corner for some special shopping. The Centro de Textiles is a wonderful place that brings weavings from small villages across Peru to be sold so that women can continue their age-old traditions and skills and be paid fairly for them. Then we’ll have a lovely final group dinner together in the city of Cusco, honoring our relationships and preparing for our at-home continuation of intimacy practices. Overnight in Cusco.

Day 10 Nov 4 (b/-/-) Cusco/Lima/Depart

Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

**Morning flight from Cusco back to Lima. You will have a shared day room available at the Hotel Limawasi in Miraflores to freshen up and prepare for your late night flight from Lima back home. For those interested, you will have a Lima city tour for approximately 3 hours or so which includes guided visit to: the most important areas of Lima, like the typical colonial style section, Plaza de Armas, Cathedral, Archbishop Palace, San Francisco church, Art museum, San Isidro and Miraflores two new and modern sections of Lima – and then we’ll stop for dinner before going back to the hotel to get our bags and going to the airport (there is an additional charge for the Lima day tour). For those not going, you may have dinner at the hotel restaurant before departing for the airport. Evening flight home.

We say our last goodbyes, hugs and kisses as we prepare to take our new dream of heaven back to our lives! The personal transformation that has been initiated during your time in this sacred land will not stop once you arrive home. The powerful energy of the Apus and Pachamama will always be with you, supporting your relationship and moving you to deeper levels of your own inner wisdom. You now share with your Beloved the invisible thread of connection with Peru – perhaps you will be called to return.

**Or… you may wish to extend your stay in Cusco for two nights to include an Ayahuasca ceremony with the sacred plant of the Andes.

Day 11 Nov 5 (-/-/-)Arrival home

We’ll be arriving home this morning.


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