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About Fu-Ding Cheng:

Fu Ding ChengI had been reasonably happy in my life, but deep down, I had always felt a gnawing pang of loneliness, of being unheard, unseen, apart. Through the years, I had tried to rationalize it away because I was an artist, a calling that frequently puts one at the edge of society. Then I thought it was because I had been brought up in the only Chinese family in an all-white neighborhood, and had felt the outsider from the very beginning, “Look, children, we have a new student in class,” said my grammar school teacher, “and he’s a Mongoloid.”

To fill this hole in my heart, I took up Eastern thought, meditated in the Himalayas, all of which was great in expansion of consciousness, except it had made me unwilling to be enmeshed in the “dusty world,” and the pangs of loneliness remained. It wasn’t until I came across this Path of Heart with Toltec shaman don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) that everything changed.

During a  “power journey” among the pyramids in Mexico, I participated in a ritual –  “Jump to the Sun” – where unknown powers much greater than myself took over, and I became a flesh and bone conduit for energy between heaven and earth… After the ritual, nothing was ever quite the same. All seemed dreamlike, impermanent, and – supremely funny. Years of anxiety, ordeals and disappointments vanished, and I laughed, as an indescribable euphoria filled me. For the first time, I found myself living in the moment.

It would take years to assimilate the depth of this extraordinary ritual, but the seeds of self-mastery had been planted. As they blossomed in time, I found, to my surprise, a profound inner peace and lightness of being that was unassailable. Gone was my loneliness, the grim determination to succeed, to reach goals, to “be enlightened.”

And in my daily life as an artist and filmmaker, I had been given new eyes. The most common objects looked vibrant and luminous, revealing as much feeling as form, and I could truly appreciate the magic and mystery of everyday life. And when friends remarked that I was so much more happy and peaceful, I knew it to be true. Encouraged by don Miguel, I began to teach the shamanic practices, and found it deeply gratifying to help others through this wisdom tradition as they move towards the light.

“Fu-Ding is one of the best Toltec teachers.” ~ don Miguel Ruiz

Fu-Ding’s Biography includes his spiritual/shamanic workshops, as well his work as a shamanic artist and visionary filmmaker. While teaching film at the North Carolina School of the Arts, he integrated his spiritual discipline and craft by creating a groundbreaking new curriculum, Shamanic Tools for the Filmmaker. His series of prize-winning films, Zen-Tales for the Urban Explorer, was presented at the Hammer Museum in a special retrospective, and Dream-House, his children’s book was published by Hampton Roads.

Currently, he is completing multi-media projects including Long Day’s Journey Into Light, his memoir in the form of tales of transformation (featuring a  foreword by Don Miguel Ruiz), and Map of Desire, a blueprint for self-fulfillment, both which includes text, art, and animation suitable to the new digital media and social networking platforms.

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About Linda Jacobson:

Linda Jacobson

As a child and young woman I was brought up to view the goals, aspirations and accomplishments of women as being less important then a man’s – something interesting perhaps, but not serious and often ignored. Later in life as a professional artist, this attitude of victimhood repeated itself within the art world, and I often felt as if my work was not as important as perhaps my male colleagues.

The despair, loneliness, and self-judgment that this engendered propelled me from an early age to explore a spiritual path that included Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Jungian psychology. For years I served as a clairvoyant intuitive and psychic healer. But still, I felt frustrated, unable to change my perspective. In 1994 I began studying with don Miguel Ruiz and became initiated by as an Eagle Knight in the Toltec Shamanic Tradition – totally changing my life!

Fear and doubt kept me from living my full potential in my life and work. I felt blocked and had forgotten my connection with divine source, and mistrusted my feminine power. Amongst the pyramids in Teotihuacan during a shamanic ritual at a sacred power spot – my old patterns of self-importance and sadness were shattered – I literally “cracked open” and the connection with my divine feminine was reestablished and re-birthed. I finally was able to see my own magnificent radiance!

“Linda Jacobson’s visionary art resonates with the spirit and beauty of nature. As a teacher, she is an inspiring and nurturing guide on the path to spiritual and creative awakening.”

-don Miguel Ruiz, author of bestseller THE FOUR AGREEMENTS

Since then life has been amazing and my greatest passion is combining spiritual teachings with the power of artistic creativity to help people connect with the divine. I feel blessed to be able to share this with others through my paintings, teachings, and my Art and Spirit workshops, retreats and journeys worldwide.

I’ve had the opportunity to exhibit my visionary paintings nationally and internationally, and I’ve lead innovative seminars on the creative process worldwide for over 20 years. I was named “Instructor of the Year” by UCLA Extension, and I currently teach at Otis Art Institute as well as privately in my Venice Studio. I’ve received my degrees and studied art at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Otis Art Institute, and CSUN.

My paintings are inspired by my deep and passionate love of nature, and lifelong spiritual pursuits. My images express the energy and beauty of the natural world as well as my subjective experiences that the landscape evokes within me. As a teacher, my special talent is to help participants find their own unique creative voice and personal spiritual connection.

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