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Meet Sheri:

Sheri RosenthalSheri’s personal adventure began in 1998 when she was going through a challenging time in her life. She realized on some level that she had never been truly happy in her life. Although she changed husbands, cities, podiatric practices and friends, she still had no real joy in her life. A leap of faith was the last resort – she sold her practice and home and the surgical residency program she was director of was closed.

During this time she received a copy of don Miguel Ruiz’s book (The Four Agreements®) and decided to go on one of his spiritual journeys to the sacred site of Teotihuacán. The journey was profound – she discovered there wasn’t anything outside of herself that needed changing at all – instead it was what she believed about herself and her world that needed changing! It was the first time she saw herself as an expression of divine consciousness and she realized her pain stemmed from her basic lack of self-love and limiting beliefs. As a result of that journey, Sheri became an apprentice of don Miguel Ruiz and later a teacher of the Toltec philosophy.

From 2000 to 2002 she had the privilege to design and run don Miguel Ruiz’s spiritual journeys, and co-teach with him at his workshops.

Sheri is also the author of: The Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom, Banish Mind Spam! and is a co-creator of the WITH Forgiveness – Are You Ready? online program.

In 2002 Sheri gave birth to Journeys of the Spirit® to assist others on their transformational journeys. All of us here at JOTS® delight in bringing forth the esoteric teachings of our many beloved spiritual teachers and traditions from around the world and watching people change and grow before our eyes!



  1. maggie Milliette says:

    Dear Blessing Givers,
    Found your site by accident or not? I’m also a blessing giver with Oneness which is my passion. I’ve been looking for some way to be of service with Oneness and have many skills in organizing, planning, education,working with youth and adults, assisting and coordinating projects. Would you be looking for some help with your work where I may be of divine assistance?
    Blessings, Maggie Milliette


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