Itinerary for our Oneness Retreat

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Day 1- Jan 8th (-/-/d) Arrive in Chetumal, Mexico

We leave the US today and meet in Chetumal, Mexico. From there we begin our journey to our beautiful spa on Lake Bacalar. Arrive at the lovely Akal•Ki Holistic Spa for dinner and a restful night amongst the sounds of the lake lapping up against the shore by our comfortable cabanas. Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.

Day 2- Jan 9th (b/l/d) Akal•Ki Holistic Spa

Mala Prayer Beads

This morning we will gather and set our intent for our week together. Each day we will meet in the morning for some gentle yoga followed by our visit for the day. There will be time this week for sharing teachings, mala-making one afternoon, sitting in circle together, and learning tools for living more centered and positive lives.

Today’s activity: Breathe Awareness: Breathing reduces our stress, helps to relax us, and encourages an environment of openess. Afternoon: Mala-making and learning about prayer beads: what are they, how we make them, how we use them. Evening: Eating healthy, use the spa, enjoy nature, and rest! Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.

Day 3- Jan 10th (b/l/d) Dzibanche & Kinichna


After a delicious fresh breakfast and yoga, we’ll visit Dzibanche & Kinichna; the Pyramid of the Sun. This was a major site containing many glyphs and beautiful temples. The Pyramid allows us views of the surrounding site and jungle. See this beautiful site containing many glyphs and temples. The Pyramid allows us views of the surrounding site and jungle.

Weather permitting, we will climb to the top and chant or have a circle ceremony (depending upon the group’s needs it could be about letting go, giving to the Great Mother – we’ll surprise you!) We’ll be here for a few hours and may bring our lunch. Session: Attunement to the Divine. Mantras and Chanting. What is a mantra? What does it do? Sheri shares her favorite mantra from Bhutan! Back to spa for massages, dinner, rest, walk, and to enjoy nature. Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.

Day 4- Jan 11th (b/l/d) Kohunlich

Morning Yoga then setting our Intention for the day: Being centered! Learn an easy centering technique. Travel to Kohunlich with its enormous stucco masks representing the different ages of the sun. It is located in a lovely area of the forest and is rarely visited. We’ll climb up the tallest pyramids and look over the jungle canopy! Often, you can see families of Howler and Spider Monkeys! There will be plenty of photo opportunities. Stop for a drink at the beautiful Explorean Hotel. Session: Focused Prayer (bring your beads!) What is prayer? What does it mean to pray? How do we pray? Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.

Day 5- Jan 12th (b/l/d) Chacchoben & Oxtankah


Morning Yoga. Chacchoben is the “Place of the Red Corn.” It is a small but lovely set of ruins perfect for exploration and ceremony. If time, we will stop at Oxtankah located on the shores on the Chetumal Bay, another beautiful site filled with Ceiba and Yaxche trees which give it a park-like feeling. This is a small site with one or two pyramids. This is a remote site and getting there is weather dependent.

If there are few people at the site, (and we can find shade) we will learn about “OM” – Aum – at the site. What does it mean? How do we chant?” A sharing of information on resonance and vibrations. A special ceremony will be revealed! Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa

Day 6- Jan 13th (b/l/d) Cenote

Lake Bacalar

Yoga! Then off to a wonderful cenote for a surreal swim and ceremony. Cenotes are sink holes formed out of the limestone of the Yucatan and are filled with crystal clear water. We may do a baptism ceremony here or at the hotel, depending upon the day’s schedule. Baptisms in a celebration of the communion with Truth: to be the truth and promise to live the truth of our integrity.

Relax, swim, and take advantage of the wonderful spa services. DANCE for joy tonight! However our dancing evolves, we will dance IN JOY for who we are and celebrate our potential as Divine individuals who see our Spirit Within. Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.

Day 7- Jan 14th (b/-/-) Home!

Today we leave the jungle and make our way back to the airport and get ready for our flights home. We say our last goodbyes, hugs and kisses as we prepare to take our new dream of heaven back to our lives.


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