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Lake Bacalar

Humanity is rapidly moving into a new age of awakening where it is imperative that each individual accept his or her own divinity, and to embrace Oneness. Spiritual transformation begins within when we act in accordance with self-love and self-acceptance. By seeing ourselves as a reflection of Spirit, and with the effort we make to rise in consciousness, we can awaken to a higher level of awareness, or higher vibration.

When we meditate, pray, or take contemplative time to free our senses from the constant chatter of the mind, we have more clarity and are open to the experience of love, joy, and peace. Making a connection with the Divine consciousness can dissolve negative life patterns, release traumas stored at the cellular and energetic levels, and facilitate deep emotional and physical healing. Overall, people feel a sense of serenity and connection to the unity in everything.

What’s Included:

  • Six nights at Akal•ki Holistic Spa
  • All meals included as marked on the itinerary in brackets next to each day
  • All spiritual teachings
  • Mala making beading lessons
  • Morning yoga classes
  • We’ll be supplying one strand of beads along with any special ones you choose to bring
  • All visits to the pyramids & entrance fees
  • All tips for our baggage handlers (one bag per person) are included
  • All ground transportation; unless you do not arrive with the group and separate transport is needed.

What’s Not-Included:

  • Your round trip air flight to and from Chetumal, Mexico is not included
  • Your overnight stay in Mexico City on January 7th if needed.
  • Other non-included items would be: phone calls, laundering services and souvenir shopping!
  • Tips for the maids (we recommend $1.00/day for the maids) and the waiters are not-included

How to get to Chetumal:

You will need to fly into the Chetumal, Mexico airport. You will have to fly to Mexico City and then take a national flight on Interjet Airlines to Chetumal. (Mexicana used to fly there but closed down and we are waiting to see if another airline picks up their flights, until then Interjet is your only option.) Interjet’s flight from Mexico City to Chetumal is at 9:00am so you will need to arrive in Mexico City the day before on Jan 7th and stay overnight to catch that flight, or fly during the night. Going home the flight departs Chetumal at 11:20am and arrives in Mexico City at 1:20pm. So it’s best not to book an international flight before 3:00pm the day of Jan 14th. Feel free to make your own flights, but please confirm them with us before booking. If you need help – no worries, Ales in Custom Travel is our travel guru – feel free to ring him at: 604-204-0444, 866-866-5566 or email him and it will be his pleasure to assist you!

Keep in Mind:

The actual schedule of spiritual teachings and what we will be doing day to day is not published so we can be in the moment. Every day will be a magical experience for all of us, so keep your heart and mind open to the experience life brings us. Due to the remote areas we are traveling to, weather, bad roads and other unseen obstacles may cause us to make changes in our itinerary.

On this spiritual retreat our intent is to create sacred space where we can learn and share in group for the purpose of deepening our spiritual connections. The power of our teachings (please make sure you align with the group leader’s philosophy) and ceremonies comes from our combined energy and if group process does not interest you, then this trip would not be your best choice.


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