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About Walter Lema:

Forever a restless trail blazer, Walter perceives his life as a creative piece of art, free from frames and limitations. From the logic and rationale of Chemical Engineering and Business Administration, to the complexity of human relationships in Social Psychology, he’s been driven to connect and integrate human dualities into oneness.

Walter Lema

After years of training in martial arts and oriental wisdom, Walter became a certified TaiChi and Qigong instructor at the Neuquen Wushu Kung Fu Association in Argentina. Through the mysteries of the Tao, his spiritual explorations transformed him forever.

His continuous love, curiosity and observation of the natural world has always inspired him to find a more meaningful purpose in his life. Finally in 2001 he decided to leave his secure and successful business career in Buenos Aires to follow his heart and strong inner call for adventure and transcendence. He moved to a small town in the heart of Patagonia where he created SYNAPSIS, an organization focused on designing experiential tours for travelers who wish to recover what is most essential in life.

Walter has been trained as an experiential learning and adventure based facilitator in the US; a field he gives credit to for illuminating his own “true north” and life path. He also works as a coach in emotional intelligence, mind-body consciousness, and Taoist meditation. Based on his business experience and knowledge, he continues to work as a corporate and professional consultant and college professor as well.


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