The Mapuche Experience Itinerary

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Day 1

The Mapuche Experience Patagonia

The experience of a lifetime has begun! Join us for the welcome reception and program commencement in Kila Leufu Ranch. A traditional Mapuche dinner will be served. *To see information on the delicious fresh food offered throughout the Mapuche Experience click on the “What’s Included?” tab.

Day 2 (AIR)

We begin this day with a homemade breakfast and welcome ceremony in the Ruka, the traditional Mapuche home. Here we meet the lonkos (community chiefs) and partake in special music and invocation. Learn about the Mapuche culture through accounts of their origins, production activities, social and family structure and their vast spirituality exploring the symbolism of the Kultrun drum. In the afternoon our hosts will give us a tour of the Kila Leufu Ranch explaining various family activities. After lunch we will deepen our understanding of the Mapuche through their world of music and dance, and conclude the day with a hike to a lookout site for the invocation of the AIR element, connecting with its powerful energies.

Day 3 (FIRE)

Villarica Volcano

Greet this morning with wonderful Qigong and Tai Chi exercises to expand consciousness and open the senses. After breakfast we will delve into the artesian world of the Mapuche through their arts, crafts and products, and cooking and weaving workshops. Following lunch we continue to explore the Mapuche culture through a silversmithing workshop. In the evening we journey to the Villarica Volcano, where we will invoke the FIRE element and integrate the volcano’s transforming energy into our bodies. We close this special day with an authentic Mapuche dinner back at Kila Leufu Ranch and group gathering around a fire in the Ruka (family home).

Day 4 (WATER)

The Mapuche Experience Patagonia

We begin the morning with more consciousness-opening Qigong and Tai Chi exercises, followed by breakfast and presentation of day’s outings, including a trip to the city of Pucón and tour of the Pre-Colombian Museum. After lunch in Pucón our adventure continues, taking us to the natural hot spring pool to experience today’s element WATER through the purification of the emotional world and the cleansing energy of the hot springs. After this powerful experience we return to Kila Leufu, home-sweet-home, for a group sharing and savory dinner.

Day 5 (EARTH)

The Mapuche Experience Patagonia

Rise and shine with Qigong and Tai Chi exercises expanding our awareness and subtle perception. Then enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast to prepare us for the day’s special events, including a trip to the Mapuche communities of Kurarewe, tour of the Mapuche museum, group gathering with the community sages and lonkos (chiefs), visit to Rewe (sacred site), invocation of Ñuque mapu (Mother Earth), journey to energetic site for invocation of EARTH element, and connection with the profound silence of the forest and inner spiritual world. Back at Kila Leufu we’ll enjoy another homemade dinner and rest up for the awe-filled day ahead.


This day, dedicated to the energy of higher consciousness, includes morning exercises of Qigong and Tai Chi, journey to the powerful Lanín Volcano, and a serene nature walk exploring the flora and fauna of the region, where we will learn about the Pehuén tree and why the Mapuche people consider it sacred. We will have lunch enjoying the spectacular view at the foot of the volcano, and then take a hike in the silence of the forest, getting in touch with the spirit of the volcano through a special integration activity. Before heading back to Kila Leufu for our last dinner, we’ll have a group-gathering to share and reflect our experiences and insights gained throughout this Mapuche Experience.

Day 7

With gratitude we enjoy a final breakfast at Kila Leufu, a tour through Pucón city, and finally exchange goodbyes with our wonderful Mapuche family hosts, leaders and fellow group participants. Until next time!


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