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About Pat Crosby:


Pat Crosby has studied many aspects of spirituality since her awakening in 1981. Leaving her Ph D program in Clinical Psychology, she was guided to many trips to India for deep immersion in soul transformational energies, initiations and decades of deep meditation under the supervision of masters. She began a now 30+ year course of serious study of the knowledge and direct experiences of the doorways to higher consciousness described, and encoded in the ancient spiritual writings of enlightened masters.

She was initiated into the study of portals, grids and ley lines and shown her new direction of working with planetary power spots through guidance offered by Master Guide Kirael in 2005.

Her first vision quest in Peru in 2008 resulted in her communication and initiation by the Elohim Light Beings of the Lake Titicaca portal – aka as The Angels of Forgiveness – and their message to prepare a way for the world to live in unconditional love through forgiveness. This 5 day quest resulted in the knowledge of the codes of light held in the portal, as well as a short and powerful forgiveness meditation that she is now asked to distribute globally.

Pat’s most recent call to service was 4 months in Hawaii during the dawn of 2012. There, Pat was initiated into the resurrection of the Lemurian Grid, and shown its beautiful treasure chest filled with the gems of unconditional love as well as multidimensional and quantum consciousness. She was guided to many sacred portals and began consciously connecting with the Golden Spirit of Lemuria and a collective known as the Lemurian Council.

Her most recent article on the Light Codes which arose out her first trip to Peru has been published by the prestigious Sedona Journal.

About Reverend Mel Morishige:


Reverend Mel is a minister, renowned healer, and founding member and director of the Honolulu Church of Light in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has traveled throughout North America and Europe with Kahu Fred Sterling (internationally celebrated trance medium for the Kirael energy) as workshop director, lecturer and co-facilitator of the Signature Cell Healing seminars founded by Kahu Sterling. Reverend Mel has worked side by side with Kahu Sterling for over twenty years, sharing the healing information and techniques with the world. Through his Elven guide Elsar, Reverend Mel also brings forth and shares information on the sacred sites of Lemuria (Hawaiian Islands).

He has been called upon to organize and facilitate numerous rituals and ceremonies on the different islands of Lemuria to cleanse and release everything from spiritual energies at ancient historic battle sites, to serving as tour guide of ancient spiritual sites on inter-island cruises within the Hawaiian islands.

About Karen Yue:


Karen Yue started her spiritual journey in 1996 when she was searching for a meditation group and found the Inward Healing Center, which is now known as the Honolulu Church of Light. It was there that she met her soul mate and life partner, Reverend Mel Morishige.

Karen has been on a spiritual journeyvia the teachings of Kahu Fred Sterling and his guide, Kirael. She belongs to Silver Wings of Light, a goddess group in Lemuria that has traveled to sacred power centers on the Hawaiian islands of Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kauai and Hawaii Island; Sedona, Arizona; Grand Canyon, Arizona; Mt. Fuji, Japan; Moscow, Russia; The Vatican, Italy; Niagara Falls, New York; and Machu Picchu, Peru, to perform “hook” releases.

Hooks are energetic patterns that lock a third-dimensional thought system onto Mother Earth in the form of a matrix weave, a pattern of light surrounding the earth plane. It was the assignment of the Goddess Lights during the Lemurian Age to anchor, or hook, the third-dimensional matrix construct into the planet for all to experience the world of duality.

With the shifting of Mother Earth to the higher energy of the fourth dimension of thought, the time has come for these matrix hooks to be released. Releasing the hooks is accomplished by
creating the vibration of Love in which the hooks, energy patterns that they are, realize their task is complete and begin to release their grip on Mother Earth. The return of the Goddess Light brings the power of Love back to Mother Earth to assist in her shifting and evolution to a higher consciousness. This power of Love is presently giving rise to the newly discovered Lemurian grid about which Pat Crosby has been sharing.

Karen continues to be in service to the Creator, Mother Earth, her Sacred Self, and awakening Goddesses throughout the world by raising her own light in the Goddess weave of love.


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