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Meet Sheri Rosenthal:

Sheri Rosenthal My personal adventure began in 1998 when I was going through a challenging time in my life. I realized on some level that I had never been truly happy. Although I changed: husbands (twice), cities (five moves), podiatric practices (three different offices) and friends (should we go there?), I still had no real joy in my life.

A leap of faith was the last resort – I sold my practice, boy-friend (only kidding), and home – and closed the surgical residency program I was director of (yes, that was a pretty big deal and yes, the medical community thought I was nuts).

During this time I received a copy of don Miguel Ruiz’s book (The Four Agreements®) and decided to go on one of his spiritual journeys to the sacred site of Teotihuacán. The journey was profound – I discovered there wasn’t anything outside of myself that needed changing at all – instead it was what I believed about myself and my world that needed work!

It was the first time I saw myself as an expression of divine consciousness and I realized my pain stemmed from my basic lack of self-love and limiting beliefs. As a result of that journey,  I became an apprentice of don Miguel Ruiz and later a teacher of the Toltec philosophy.

From 2000 to 2002 I had the privilege to design and run don Miguel Ruiz’s spiritual journeys, and co-teach with him at his workshops. Learning from don Miguel inspired me to write: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom, Banish Mind Spam! and to co-create the WITH Forgiveness – Are You Ready? online program with my dear friend Susyn Reeve.

In 2002 I gave birth to Journeys of the Spirit® to assist others on their transformational journey and to give back what I personally received. As a journey leader for many years,  I have watched people travel to faraway places and come “home” to themselves again and again, changing their life perspective from one of fear and limitation, to one of love and limitless possibility.

I believe that spiritual journeys are truly awe-inspiring, and it’s my passion to create experiences that free individuals to be their very best in this life-time. For me Africa is the cradle of life and it’s been fascinating to actually have my DNA (through the National Geographic Genographic Study) traced all the way back to the beginning of time!

Meet Melinda Johnson:

Melinda Johnston

Melinda recognized a spiritual calling in 1991, at the age of 28, and began her journey, which has become a lifelong quest. She began to study alternative forms of worship through a variety of Interfaith Programs, and worked as the Alternative Worship Celebration Director for a Presbyterian church in Rochester, New York from 1993-1995. This position gave her the opportunity to produce weekly participation worship services with a variety of pastors, and ministers of faith.

Because she is well versed in Native American Indian traditions, Christian beliefs, and the practice of Buddhism, her meditation services, and methods of worship expand one’s knowledge of sacred texts, as well as allowing for participates to engage in rituals of ceremony that honor the spirit on multiple levels.

She left the position to begin several freelance marketing projects and to also expand her knowledge of multiple faith practices. In 2002, a marketing project required her to analyze a travel company, during which time she noticed the travel industry did not offer a niche in Mind, Body and Spirit vacations. She completed projects in which she was committed to, but in 2005 launched LUX World Travel, a luxury wellness travel company after spending years setting up world-wide contacts and land programs.

LUX World Travel has been a huge success, which has allowed Melinda to expand into other niche markets offering Safari Woman as a women’s only luxury safari company; Always Magical, which focus on Disney and family vacations; and Indigo Roads, a company, which offers spiritual insight, daily meditations and reflections, as well as in-depth spiritual tours.

In addition to producing niche market travel, Melinda is currently involved creating several publications for the Indigo Roads brand to include: “Mastering the Void,” and “Communicating with the Inner You.” She is also involved with extending her formal education to obtain a Masters degree in Religion and Philosophy from SUNY and the University of Rochester.

In her study of World Religions, she understands that the root of life began Africa, and is aware that artifacts found from over 40,000 years ago indicate that Earth’s earliest humans understood that Divine Intelligence existed. “Africa is a place to go to find yourself, and to celebrate Life,” Melinda claims.

About Linda, our African Guide:

lindaLinda Atieno Otieno is very proud of her beautiful country and loves to share its magic with all those who visit. It will be wonderful to have her share with a group of women, and give her perspective of what it is like to be female in Africa. We all look forward to connecting with her and learning more about her and Kenya!


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  1. Samuel says:

    Thank you for information on your website!
    I live in Kenya,in the Rift Valley Region.
    Am glad to know that you are planing to visit Kenya later in the year!
    Would you give me more info about what it would cost for me and my friend?
    I would also love if you would visit the HEART OF MERCY INC. Office where i serve the Orphaned and vulnerable children in my community.
    Please reply.
    Thanks and ,


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