Itinerary for the Baja Grey Whale Watching Trip

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Day 1 (-/-/-) La Paz, Mexico

Whale Watching Baja

Depart home for La Paz, Mexico today! If you leave home early you can get here early and have time to walk around town and explore. We’ll be meeting for dinner tonight so you’ll want to make sure you arrive so you can join us. Simply take a taxi to the Hotel Marina (~$12.00 USD). If you flight arrives late that is fine – make sure you’re ready to depart at 8:00 am tomorrow morning for our transport to Magdalena Bay!

Day 2 (b/l/d) Magdalena Bay

Whale Watching Baja

This morning we rise and shine for our 8:00 am transport to Mag Bay. When we arrive we will have lunch and then get in our boats for our first whale encounter! We’ll be staying overnight at our tented camp on the beach for the next 3 nights.

Each day will be spent connecting with the Gray Whales and nature. Using the stars, the sand and the ocean, you’ll to shift your awareness and deeply transform the way you connect with mother earth and your life. Our intent is for you to come away from this experience with a connection to your limitlessness spirit that is elemental in nature. The whales will help you see the world through new eyes, softened by love and expanded by the wisdom of the ages. After all, how can your life remain the same once you experience the presence of eternity?

Day 3-4 (b/l/d) Magdalena Bay

Whale Watching Tour

Today and tomorrow we’ll be out on the boats twice a day to meet the whales. There will be time for our group to come together and share and for other activities too – like kayaking and exploring the dunes.

Day 5 (b/l/-) Depart Mag Bay for La Paz

Grey Whale Watching

Today is our last morning whale watching. After lunch we will we leave for La Paz. A charming town, it will be fun to get dinner out and walk along the boardwalk – known as the “Malecon.” Recently renovated and embellished with beautiful statues, it’s an ideal location to watch the sunsets that cast incredible colors over La Paz. It’s also where you will find most of the curio shops, restaurants and cafes. One of the most complete arts and craft shops “La Casa del Artesano Sud-Californiano” – is located just opposite the cabanas section of Los Arcos.

Whale Watching Adventure

The gardens of Velasco in the historical center, with its cathedral “Nuestra Senora de La Paz” are also worth the visit, and sometimes you’ll find people gathered in the gardens playing the famous game of “loteria.” The Anthropology Museum of Baja California (corner of 5 de Mayo and Altamirano streets), has a wide display of old maps, clothing, tools and palm-fiber crafts. Open everyday from 9 am to 6 pm. Overnight at the Hotel Marina.

Day 6 (b/-/-) La Paz – Home!

You can depart any time this morning knowing we must check-out by noon. We leave the Baja today renewed and with a change of heart. New friends have been made and old friendships made stronger. We say our final goodbyes and share hugs and kisses and take all we have learned home with us to create a happier and more beautiful life.


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