Itinerary for Tepoztlán: Sacred Valley of Magic and Mysticism

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Day 1 (-/-/-) Posada del Tepozteco

Posada del Tepozteco

Meet the group at the Mexico City Airport at 4:00 pm. We will travel south of the city to Tepoztlán and settle in at the Posada del Tepozteco hotel and have a wonderful dinner, enjoy the town and relax. Perhaps you will try some Huitlacoche soup tonight (corn smut) it’s actually wonderful – dark, rich and densely flavored. Or maybe you’ll try the Tlayuditas de Chapulines? Tlayuditas are the local form of tostadas and chapulines are roasted grasshoppers (an important source of protein in pre-Hispanic times)! No, they do not taste like chicken, but they are salty and crunchy great with a cerveza!

Day 2-5 (B/-/-) Tepozteco and Xochicalco pyramids & the Cavernas de Cacahamilpa

Tepozteco Pyramid

We spend the next four days exploring and moving through the Tepozteco and Xochicalco pyramids and the Cavernas de Cacahamilpa – using the energy of this region to accelerate your own personal journey toward your wholeness, holiness and your connection to the divinity that is you. There will be a group gathering each day, free time to explore the area, times of quiet, journaling and processing – as well as laughter, fun, friendship and great food.


Two days will be spent in process work at the pyramids (it will take us all day to climb up to the Tepozteco pyramid) and a half day at the Cavernas. We will do powerful ceremonies in the caves to connect with the great Earth Mother and the trip will culminate with a slow walk of release to the top of the mountain and Tepozteco pyramid – a place of sacred pilgrimage where you will let go of your limitations and reclaim your limitless spiritual essence. This will be an experience like no other. There is no definite schedule for these days because at Tepoztlán we work with the energy present in the moment!

We’ll also visit the beautiful San Gabriel de Las Palmas hacienda for lunch – this magnificent hacienda dates back to the year 1529 when Hernán Cortés ordered its construction using the Spanish technique of vaulted arches and semi-circular walls.

Tepozteco pyramid

One event we will not miss is the local market which is a tradition in the area and which has wonderful crafts and foods to experience. We will also have time to experience some of the beautiful colonial churches in town, especially the Temple and Ex-Convent de La Natividad.

Day 6 (B/-/-) Home!

We leave for the airport today renewed and with a change of heart. New friends have been made and old friendships made stronger. We look forward to the challenge of bringing this new dream home with us!


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