Itinerary for our Sedona Women’s Spiritual Retreat

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Just to let you know – there is also horseback riding, and other classes that the retreat center runs that you can participate in if you like in your free time (there will be an additional charge for these activities). Also, all of the leafy salad greens served in their dining hall come from the on-site year-round organic farm which you are welcome to visit. Organic fertilizer is made from food scraps from their dining hall. The food you eat at Mago’s dining hall contains not only the nutrients of food, but also the loving energy infused into the food from the Earth and the people who prepared it.

Day 1 April 16 (-/-/D)

Sedona Women's photography Retreat

Meet the group at Mago Retreat Center at 4:00 pm for our group gathering before dinner. Once settled in we’ll have an opening ceremony which may include creating sacred space and the sharing of intentions. This week we’ll be working with ritual, ceremony, meditation, intuitive teaching, photography exercises and group discussion.

Over the course of our time together Catherine will mix Toltec and Native ritual and teachings with Photography exercises:

Mini-Fire Ceremonies: Come prepared to let go of what no longer serves you. Limiting beliefs of “not-enough” are no longer allowed to play here. We will offer our negative thoughts to the fire daily.

Sacred Space: We will come together and add objects that represent our truth to an ever growing sacred space that will set our intentions for the retreat and add energy to the group.

Photography Prompts: You will be given opportunities to expand your awareness by looking through the lens with a new point of view. You will be asked to create images that you may have not ever experienced before. This is a process of letting go of expectations, being willing, brave and courageous. And having some fun. This work is more about creating images rather than working on the technical side of photography. Any camera is just fine to use. Your iPhone. Polaroid instant cameras, plastic cameras, pinhole camera, 35 mm, anything goes.

This workshop inspires a powerful opening for deep awareness. You will be empowered to understand who you have been, and create with clarity who you are becoming. Come prepared to create infinite possibilities and awakened outcomes, along with some gorgeous photographs!

Day 2 April 17th (B/L/D)

Sedona Women's Yoga Retreat

After breakfast we will begin our day by gathering and checking in, and start taking a look at the beliefs we have that are holding us back and what is really the truth about who we are. We will set out for some photo exercises and meet back before lunch to discuss the process. After lunch we will dedicate time to ourselves to discover the breathtaking property of Mago Retreat Center. Share our intentions and start creating new possibilities. After dinner we will meet and create a powerful evening discussion and releasing ritual.

Day 3 April 18th (B/L/-)

Sedona Spiritual Journey

After breakfast we will gather again for more exploration through photography. In the afternoon you will have time to visit the art galleries and Sedona stores in town. A visit here is not complete without appreciating the art, pottery, jewelry and crafts. After all that gallery hopping it’s time for a group dinner together and a ride back to the center for a start-studded evening under crystal clear skies.

Day 4 April 19th (B/L/D)

After breakfast we will continue our exploration with a photography project done in pairs of two. Working hands on with partners to further develop insights on who we really are and who we see before us. We will also learn some tips on portrait photography, natural lighting and how to get that authentic expression when taking photos of other people. This is a day full of play, laughter and bonding. We will gather together and share all that is showing up for us with open hearts, minds and the willingness to learn and grow from our illuminating experiences.

Day 5 April 20th (B/L/D)

Sedona Women's Yoga Retreat

For our last day we work together to create our final project and end our beautiful retreat with an evening ceremony. (We will be at Mago Retreat Center for the day.)

Day 6 April 21st (B/-/-)

We leave the beautiful Sedona Mago Retreat today ready to build on our experience and take it back into our lives. Having gained confidence in our abilities to create enjoyment and fulfillment in our lives, we go forth empowered to live a life which is awakened and full!



  1. GiGi says:

    Is there a sweat lodge included?

  2. GiGi says:

    What are you rules on bringing a dog. 35 pounds? I can keep her crated during the day as needed.

  3. wini says:

    I am interested in attending, but would be driving in from NM, I’d like to bring along my sister as a traveling companion, who would share a room with me, but not take part in the workshop. Is that possible?

  4. Lori Novoa says:

    I will be living in Sedona and would be interested in attending your workshop. Do you have a resident rate?


  5. Sheri, would love to join you and share some chanting and meditations I have brought back as a Oneness Trainer and Deeksha/Blessing Giver from India and Fiji.
    Om Shanti, Charlene


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