Itinerary for Palenque for Mayan Prophecies

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This power journey to this magical and sacred sites of Palenque and Tonina in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico – is structured on the shamanic vision of the world:
The Lower, Middle and Upper Kingdoms
Our journey is designed so that you will have the opportunity to directly experience  the power, healing and wisdom of each of these three worlds through each of the specific Mayan sacred sites in our itinerary.

Day 1 Dec 8th – Arrival (-/-/d)

We meet in Mexico City and transfer to our flight to Tuxtla Guitierrez. You will be met by your bilingual guide and driven to San Cristobal de las Casas (about 2 hours). There you’ll settle in at the beautiful and charming Posada Real de Chiapas in the center of San Cristobal. Enjoy a welcome dinner and then gather together as a group and get to know each other and share our intent for our week.

Day 2 Dec 9th – San Juan Chamula & San Cristobal (b/l/-)

After breakfast we board bus to the village of San Juan Chamula. We will witness the central church, which is very much a part of the villagers’ life, in its mix of Christianity and Maya religion and local markets. Chamula is located in the Chiapas highlands, at an altitude of 2,200 meters (7,200 feet), inhabited by the indigenous Tzotzil Maya people, whose Tzotzil language is one of the Mayan languages. We will witness the central church, which is very much a part of the villagers’ life, in its mix of Christianity and Maya religion and local markets.

Church of San Juan Chamula will represent for us the Middle Kingdom of earth. This formerly Christian church is now a sacred shamanic ceremonial site. The floor of the church is covered with pine needles and candles, copal can be found burning, and people receive treatments from the local shamans and curanderas. There hasn’t been a traditional Christian mass in this church since approximately 1968. This is where we will do our Middle Kingdom ritual, transmuting the earthly energies of pain and suffering. Afternoon free for exploring San Cristobal. Overnight at Posada Real de Chiapas.

DAY 3 Dec 10th – The Ruins of Tonina (b/l/d)

After breakfast, travel to Ocosingo where we will visit the Mayan site of Tonina – which will represent the Lower Kingdom for us. This site includes tunnels that serve as portal the Underworld, the realm of instinctual energy and totem animal spirit guides. There will can reclaim our integrity and aspects of ourselves we long rejected.

The center of Tonina is built on the side of a large hill in seven terraces producing the overall effect of a stepped pyramid. Numerous chambers and passageways exist and there are several fascinating buildings located in front of the main complex, which may have been used in conjunction with structures on the main buildings. Tonina is believed to have conquered Palenque and led to its eventual collapse. In the 7th century a dynasty change occurred from the long standing “Lord of the Lineage of the Underworld” to the “Snake Skull-Jaguar Claw.” Some of the most powerful carvings can be found at Tonina along with an unusual tunneling passageway. Enjoy a box lunch to take advantage of the entire day visiting the site and its underworld mythology. We’ll also visit the and the museum which features some amazing glyphs. Overnight at Hotel Nututun

DAY 4 Dec 11th – Palenque & Agua Azul (b/l/d)

Misol Ha

After breakfast, we’ll travel to the waterfalls of Agua Azul for our experience of the Upper Kingdom. This is a series of cascading pools of brilliant turquoise that hold the energy of the Upper Kingdom. We will do ceremony to bring in the light of the upper kingdom, celestial beings and spirit teachers. Enjoy the basking in the sun and swimming in the pool of the falls.

Then we will continue on to explore Palenque in the afternoon to prepare for our integration of all three Kingdoms. This complex of ancient pyramids surrounded by lush jungle still remains  a magical power spot where we will tap into womb of the mother earth for our integration which will take place today and tomorrow. Its power is only matched by its beauty. More than 500 buildings in Palenque are known, but more than 80% of the city is covered by rain-forest. The outside walls of Palenque’s buildings were not finished in the usual Mayan limestone face but were plastered to show a smooth finish. Beautiful carvings decorated the interiors. Stucco and terra-cotta were also employed. Some buildings, particularly the “Temple of the Inscriptions,” show extensive writing, not all of which have been deciphered.

Day 5 Dec 12st – Palenque (b/l/-)


We will obtain a special permit to enter the site of Palenque before sunrise for a very special ceremony celebration (IF POSSIBLE). This complex of ancient pyramids surrounded by lush jungle still remains a magical power spot where we will tap into womb of the mother earth and integrate the three Kingdoms. It’s power is only matched by it’s unusual beauty.

The location of Palenque was significant as an observer standing on top of the watchtower of the palace during the winter solstice would see the sun plunge down straight into the earth, leading the way to the underworld. Pacal, the most powerful of all the rulers of Palenque had his tomb constructed at that very location. His pyramid tomb thus appears as a direct gateway to the underworld. Return to Nututun in time for dinner. We’ll have all day to discover the spectacular ruins of Palenque. Box lunch and afternoon for visiting the site and the museum. Overnight at Hotel Nututun

Day 6 Dec 13th – Villahermosa – Home (-/-/-)

We leave our beautiful hotel and make our way back to the airport and get ready for our flights home. We say our last goodbyes, hugs and kisses as we prepare to take our new dream of heaven back to our lives!

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