Itinerary for the Monterey Brave • Soul*Full • Intuitive You Retreat

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Day 1 Wednesday Sept 5th (-/-/d)

Resting at Asilimar

Today we all arrive and gather at the beautiful and historic Asilomar Retreat center at 5:00 pm. We’ll check in, get settled in our rooms and meet in the common room of our own historic building to meet and greet!

Dinner is from 6:00-7:00pm and afterward we’ll go over the general structure for our next days together, talk about your personal workshop goals and get to know each other. After our gathering might be the perfect time to walk along the Asilomar beach!

Monterey photography workshop

We need a good nights sleep so we’re ready for the unforgettable experience awaiting us in the Monterey Peninsula!

With cypress trees, rugged shores, and crescent shaped bays, Monterey will take your breath away. Pacific Grove is so peaceful it attracts the Monarch butterflies each year as they migrate for winter.

Days 2-4 Sept 6-8th (b/l/d)

For the next three days you will be sharing half the day exploring spirituality and photography with Catherine, and the other half of the day painting with Flora. In the evenings we will gather in our common room by the fireplace for sharing with Catherine and Flora.

Flora Bowley painting workshop

With Flora – we’ll start each session with simple yoga-inspired movement and breathing techniques, along with guided writing exercises to gently nudge us out of our heads and into our hearts. From this connected place, we will work quickly and intuitively to cover two large canvases with the first layer of paint – no time for thinking here.

As we continue to build up layers, she will demonstrate many of her personal painting techniques such as dripping, stamping, expressive mark making, etching, patterning, drawing with paint and carving out imagery. Flora will gently guide you with prompts through this fun explorative process, as she shares tips about color combining, layering with translucent paints, finding your own voice, and bringing your paintings to life with variation and contrast. She will also offer ways for becoming “unstuck,” moving through challenging moments and getting back in your creative flow.

Set to the beats of a great playlist, we will spiral between painting with wild abandon, boldly trusting in the unknown, and making more conscious choices about composition, personal imagery and color palette. We will take many breaks to breathe deeply, stretch our bodies and re-connect with the present moment. Most importantly, we will focus on what IS working and allow this to inspire the rest of the painting.

Photography workshop

With Catherine – we will be using our cameras as a tool to get closer to what’s really important to us. We will discover new ways of “seeing”, cultivate deeper awareness of the world around us, and explore techniques that will help turn ordinary photos into expressive, heartfelt and Soul*Full images.

Catherine combines spiritual practice with photography. Connecting with “source” opens up unlimited possibilities for creativity. We will learn ways to let go of fear and trust that the universe supports us. Through photo exercises, writing prompts and creative projects we will face old beliefs that hold us back and replace them with a knowing that we are valuable and that our stories are important.

We will become stronger photographers as we slow down, breathe in the truth of who we are, let go of expectations and free ourselves from beliefs that no longer serve us. To get a taste of what it’s like to work with Catherine, please take a look at the video made of one of her recent retreats over on the right side of the website –>

Day 5 Sunday Sept 9th (b/l/-)

We wrap up our workshop and time together at noon. Breakfast in the morning will be followed by a short gathering – then lot’s of hugs and sweet good-by’s. We leave the Monterey Peninsula renewed, refreshed and excited about what we have created and the creative process that will follow!



  1. Emily Tharpe says:

    Thank you Sheri 🙂

  2. Emily Tharpe says:


    I am a huge fan of Flora’s and would love nothing more than to attend this workshop of intuitive heart centered painting and photography! Coincidentally, it’s also my 30th Birthday on 9/2 so I’d love to give this as birthday present to myself!

    Please Please Please let me know if a space opens up!

    Thank you and much love,


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