Itinerary for Bimini: A Wild Dolphin Adventure

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We live in a most monumental time, now more than ever we are Awakening to our full Divinity! Through a combination of Bhakti and Kundalini yoga, in concert with daily Deeksha/Oneness Blessings, we will open our hearts to the Ocean of Divine Bliss within us. Five days in spiritual community on a lovely tropical island is a beautiful environment for awakening.

We’ll be in the ocean daily, playing in the shakti and grace of the clear blue waters here – we will also be going out on multiple boat trips to swim with pods of wild dolphins.

Day 0

Some people desire to arrive a day early and spend the night in Ft. Lauderdale. If you come a day early, we may be able to match you with a roommate at our hotel.

Day 1

Bimini Wild Dolphins

You’ll be taking the afternoon flight to Bimini around 1:40 pm on United Airlines from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where Dolphin Whisperer, Joe Noonan, will meet you at the South Bimini airport and take you to your waterfront accommodations on North Bimini. (If you live outside of Ft. Lauderdale you’ll need to arrive in time to make the 1:40 pm flight.)

There is time for a quick swim at beautiful Radio Beach, a miles long white sandy beach just steps away from our rooms. We’ll have our first meal together at the Community Meeting Hall, which is a few blocks along the quiet beach from our hotel. After dinner we’ll gather at the Bimini Hall for an opening circle and intention for our time together. We’ll go over the schedule of the week and you’ll get some orientation for swimming with the wild dolphins.

We’ll share with you our dolphin protocol; (we swim with the wild dolphins with our arms at our sides; no grabbing at the dolphins – it’s only captive dolphins that are trained to pull people around by their dorsal fins). It is our desire to be with them in a very playful and respectful way. Then we’ll have a few fun activities to get our energies up, sit together for a shared meditation and finishing the evening with some music, dancing and a closing circle.

Day 2

Bimini Swim with Dolphins

For the early risers, we’ll meet at the water’s edge for Ananda Mandala, a powerful Kundalini yoga breath meditation. This is a very ancient meditation with breath and sound to activate the Kundalini Shakti within us.

After breakfast we’ll have a snorkeling orientation for everyone at the beach, in preparation for our boat trips out to the dolphin grounds. I’ll introduce you to the beauty of the ocean here; the waters are typically clear and beautiful. For first time snorkelers, learning how to snorkel in the beautiful Bahamian waters is fun and easy. For those already skilled at snorkeling, we teach you how to freedive, something that the dolphins LOVE!

We’ll finish the morning session with some stretching and yoga on the beach. December yoga on the beach in the Bahamas! I love it!  After lunch we head over to the dock, board our boat and head north to the dolphin grounds. Here we cruise the Grand Bahamas Bank, a vast area of turquoise water that is typically 20 to 30 feet deep with sandy bottom and crystal clear. When we find the dolphins, (which is about 80% of the time), we follow them and see what they are ready for. We follow the dolphin’s lead; if they want to swim with us, which they frequently do, we happily oblige!

Swimming with dolphins Bimini

Our encounters with the dolphins are magical; they love to swim in and around us, looking in our eyes. We stay together as a group, and those that can freedive take a breath and swim toward the bottom. The dolphins love that, and whether you go down just ten feet or twenty, they love to swim spirals around you as you do it. Our encounters can last from fifteen minutes to sometimes hours in length. Depending on what mood they’re in, we might stay with them all afternoon. They frequently swim right beside us, looking deep into our eyes, a look that you will remember for the rest of your life…

The dolphins of Bimini love to swim with us! We will be out on the water three days in a row, and the odds are that we will find and swim with them multiple times. But it is important to remember that we cannot control the situation or the weather. That evening after sharing highlights of the day and our famous “Appreciation Exercise,” we will finish the night with a group Oneness Blessing, a simple and powerful energy transfer that supports our divine awakening.

Day 3

Spiritual Dolphin Encounter

We’ll start the day with our morning Kundalini circle at the water’s edge, then have some quiet solo time on the shore for personal reflection and communication with our inner divine. Depending on the energy of the day, we might eat our breakfast together in silence, holding our attention to the light within.

This morning we’ll be doing a group breathwork session, inviting Life to move through us freely and clearly, releasing any old blocks or limitations. (As with all our activities on this retreat, you are free to participate in our group activities or follow your own muse and walk the island, rent a golf cart and explore, hire a guide to go fishing or visit the straw market and shop.)

After lunch, we head out to the sea, to the dolphins and our ocean celebration! We’ll stop at the famous Stones of Atlantis and do a large group circle, sending our collective Love & THANKS into the Gulf Stream and onward to the oceans of our world. The Stones of Atlantis are claimed by many to be part of the “Lost City of Atlantis.” Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet of Virginia Beach, predicted that “Atlantis would rise from the slime in Bimini in 1967 or 1968.” There are several long rows of large, right angled parallel stones, and yes, they were discovered in 1967. This ancient archaeological formation is made famous by the numerous Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic special shows done to determine the exact nature of this formation. Then we’ll explore the stones and you can experience firsthand the energy of this amazing place.

After our swim here we go north into the dolphin grounds, to find and swim with our cetacean friends, the ecstatic spotted dolphins! After dinner we’ll have a night of celebration with music and dancing and a sharing circle for our individual and collective intentions for our world. There are a number of surprises in store for this event that will make it even more memorable!

Day 4

Swim with Wild Dolphins Bimini

Similar to Day 3; in the morning you may hang out, join us for kundalini breath yoga, go to the beach, read a book, take a walk, etc, and in the afternoon we go back out on the water to the dolphin grounds, making a different snorkel stop each day at several beautiful reefs to see the fish on the way out. Our last evening together we’ll have a fun highlights event with some fun activities and lots of laughter! (My trips are known for being a LOT of fun, be prepared to laugh!)

Day 5

Morning beachfront yoga for the early birds. After breakfast we head out to the famous Healing Hole, to soak our bodies in the cold brisk water that are upwelling in the mangroves out on the marsh. The healing hole is famous for the naturally occurring lithium that is in its waters, and they have a gentle, calming effect. It is a fun boat ride through the mangrove tidal channels and ponds. As of this October, there will be a new monument to Martin Luther King installed out in the mangroves, for this is where he wrote his acceptance speech for his Pulitzer Prize. Then back to our hotels for a last shower and check out and off to the airport! Going home you’ll be taking the flight that departs Bimini around 2:35pm.


Bimini Swim with Dolphins

Land of Atlantis?: Bimini also has a mystical side, and has been regarded by researches the world over as the site of the lost city of Atlantis. Edgar Cayce, the famous Sleeping Prophet of Virginia Beach, spoke at great length about Bimini, and said it was the site of the most powerful temples of Atlantis, including the “Temple of Rejuvenation.” Researchers and scientists from around the world come to Bimini to continue their research in this area.

Not for everyone: Bimini is a small island with less than two thousand people living on it. There are no 24 hour stores, drug stores, supermarkets or other conveniences that many people take for granted. It is an ideal location for the kind of traveler who enjoys slowing down and taking it easy. And as we slow down, all kinds of exciting things show up; a school of spotted eagle rays next to the boat, discovering a new coral reef, another magical encounter with the dolphins that seems to go on forever…

The Passionate Few: Most everybody has a dream of swimming with dolphins; only a passionate few will ever bring that dream to life. These few are the ones that really hear the calling. If you’re ready to fulfill the dream of swimming alongside the dolphins, contact us now and together we’ll bring that dream to life.

“Every day people have been coming up to me and telling me how relaxed and different I look. They want to know what happened and I show them the pictures and smile…” Donna, Travel Agent

“The whole trip was fantastic! Thank you again for the most stupendous adventure from the bottom of my heart.” Brandee Tolleson, California



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