Itinerary for Calakmul, Kohunlich, Dzbanche: Explore the Hidden Ruins of the Mayan Yucatan

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Alkalki Retreat

Day 1- (-/-/d) Chetumal, Mexico & Akal•Ki Holistic Spa

We leave the US today and meet in Chetumal, Mexico. From there we begin our journey to our beautiful hotel on Lake Bacalar. Arrive at the lovely Akal•Ki Holistic Spa for dinner and a restful night amongst the sounds of the lake lapping up against the shore by our comfortable cabanas. Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.

Day 2- (b/l/d) Kohunlich

We spend the day at Kohunlich with its enormous stucco masks representing the different ages of the sun. It is located in a lovely area of the forest. Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.

Day 3- (b/l/d) Dzibanche & Kinichna

This morning we visit Dzibanche & Kinichna; the Pyramid of the Sun. This was a major site containing many glyphs and beautiful temples. The Pyramid allows us views of the surrounding site and jungle. In the afternoon we stop at a wonderful cenote for a surreal swim and ceremony. Free time for massages during the late afternoon. This night we will experience an all night Mitote dreaming ceremony (if weather permits). Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.


Day 4- (b/l/d) Chicanna & Becan

After breakfast we are off to Chicanna. This site is famous for Temple 2 which represents the Mayan Earth Monster. The doorway is the mouth through which the high priests entered the underworld out of which they emerged transfigured. Then we make our way to visit Becan. Becan is considered the capital of the Rio Bec region and surrounded by a large moat and crossed by seven bridges. The energy here is so peaceful and sacred it feels like being in a beautiful temple. We stay for the next two nights at Chicanna Ecolodge.

Day 5- (b/l/d) Calakmul

Today we explore one of the most immense Mayan cities in this part of Mexico, Calakmul. This site is huge rivaling Tikal, and the Pyramids and stellae are stunning. Climbing to the top of the largest pyramid is an incredible experience as it is approximately 150 feet high and towers over the forest canopy. The ruins are located in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve one of the last of the Yucatan rainforest. The wildlife here is amazing, spotting howler monkeys and large cats are not unusual. Overnight at Chicanna Ecolodge.

Day 6- (b/l/d) Calakmul

Today we have a second chance to explore Calakmul. We will have private time to spend dreaming with the forest and a beautiful forest ceremony to celebrate the energy here. Overnight at Chicanna Ecolodge

Southern Yucatan Spiritual Journey

Day 7- (b/l/d) Xpujil & Akal•Ki Holistic Spa

This morning we make our way to back to Akal•Ki Holistic Spa for a restful day by the lake and spa services. Along the way we visit the beautiful ruins of Xpujil. Overnight at Akal•Ki Holistic Spa.

Day 8- (b/-/-) Home!

Today we leave the jungle and make our way back to the airport and get ready for our flights home. We say our last goodbyes, hugs and kisses as we prepare to take our new dream of heaven back to our lives.


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