Itinerary for Women’s Journey to Avalon

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Day 1: Thurs 21st May (-/-/D)


This morning we’ll arrive into London Heathrow Airport and gather up the group by 11AM. Then we’ll drive to our hotel in Salisbury (1.5 hrs). You will have a free afternoon in Salisbury to have lunch, rest from your journey and explore this beautiful ancient city. You will find that even though the city has been built around the medieval Salisbury Cathedral it has kept up to date and is a bustling small European city.

In the early evening we’ll have an introductory gathering before a welcome dinner, get to know one other a little and set our intention for the journey. Overnight at the The Red Lion Hotel or similar.

Day 2: Fri 22nd May (B/-/-)

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

After a wonderful breakfast, our group will gather together for an orientation. Then we’ll have a leisurely walk to the 800 year old medieval Salisbury Cathedral; this is one of England’s most famous Gothic cathedrals, around which the city itself was built. We’ll lunch at the Cathedral’s stunning cafe followed by a guided tour of the Cathedral. You will have time to walk around Salisbury to shop before a visit to Old Sarum. Sarum is the old name for Salisbury and at Old Sarum we find the remains of the castle and the original cathedral and a leyline connects it to the present cathedral in the valley below and to Stonehenge. We will return to Salisbury for a free choice dinner. Overnight at the The Red Lion Hotel or similar.

Day 3: Sat 23rd May (B/-/D)



This morning we have arranged for the group to have private special access into the stones of the world’s most famous sacred site. Touch the huge megaliths which have stood in magnificent isolation on the windswept Salisbury Plain for thousands of years, feel the pulse of powerful earth energy currents coursing beneath your feet. Imagine the ceremonies which have been performed by robed priests over eons of time or just sit in quiet meditation. This is a rare opportunity to truly experience a site revered by countless generations.

Returning to the hotel for breakfast, after which we will then depart for Cornwall (2.5 hrs) arriving at the Jamaica Inn by noon we’ll lunch at the Inn, made famous by the novel of Daphne du Maurier. After our lunch we’ll visit the enchanted Dozmary Pool. Here we come into the presence of the Lady of the Lake at her mystical and watery home. It was at this lake that the Lady bequeathed Excalibur and its enchanted scabbard to King Arthur. Understanding the importance of this gift and paying tribute to the Lady will enable us to receive a gift of our own to accompany us on this pilgrimage. After our beautiful experience we’ll drive to Tintagel. Overnight in Tintagel ~ dinner included. Overnight at the The Camelot Hotel or similar.

Day 4: Sun 24th May (B/-/-)

Tintagel Castle Ruins

Tintagel Castle Ruins

All sites in Tintagel are dominated by everything Arthurian and you’ll have the opportunity to re-live the stories of the Arthurian legend. Traveling back in time we may discover how these archetypes can help us in our world today. We’ll learn the stories of the Arthurian legend and about the lives of the fabled Knights of the Round Table. King Arthur’s Great Halls were constructed entirely of crystal-studded granite using sacred geometry in its layout.

Then we cross the footbridge that is now the only means of access to Tintagel Castle, the fabled birthplace of Arthur, which sits in splendid isolation on its rocky promontory. Descending the castle cliffs to the beach below, we’ll enter Merlin’s Cave accessible for a short time at low tide each day. (Order of the day may change according to the tide schedule.) We’ll have a leisurely lunchtime to allow time to experience the many gift shops and cafes that Tintagel High Street has to offer. Free evening. Overnight at the The Camelot Hotel or similar.

Day 5: Mon 25th May (B/-/D)

This morning we’ll gather to share our experiences thus far followed by a visit to the magical wooded St Nectan’s Glen with its waterfall and kieve. Walking along a quiet lane with fragrant hedgerow flowers we’ll then come beside a beautiful and energetic woodland stream and reach the waterfall at its head. St Nectan’s former hermitage cell is now a shrine where we’re free to meditate, pray or light a candle. After lunch we’ll travel to our hotel in Wells for 4 nights. Dinner at the hotel. Overnight at the Swan Hotel or similar.

Day 6: Tues 26th May (B/-/-)

Glastonbury Ruins

Leave for Glastonbury. We will spend the whole of this day in Glastonbury, otherwise known as the Isle of Avalon. We will be joined by a spiritual storyteller, Claire Viner, who will bring the myths and legends to life for us. Glastonbury Abbey, the birthplace of Christianity in England and referred to as the “holiest earth in England,” was once the largest and most powerful abbey in all of Britain. It is no coincidence that the dual energy currents of England’s most famous leyline cross at the site of the high altar.

A grave in the center of the Abbey ruins is reputed to have been the resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere. After lunch we explore Glastonbury which is full of unusual shops selling everything from candles and incense to colorful clogs, books and Goddess statues that you can peruse at your leisure. It’s also the perfect time to visit the Magdalene Chapel or the museum.

Chalice Well

Chalice Well

In the late afternoon we’ll see rising dramatically from the flat land of the surrounding Somerset Levels the huge natural mound of the Tor. Surmounted by St. Michael’s tower, the Tor has been a beacon of spirituality since pagan times and still acts as a magnet for people of all beliefs. You’ll hear the stories and the legends as well as experience the powerful energy and atmosphere of this sacred site. Plus the views from the top are spectacular!

Back into town for an early free choice dinner, followed by the conclusion of our day in Glastonbury with a private visit to the beautiful and tranquil gardens of Chalice Well, one of the true healing places in this land, where you are encouraged to drink from the holy well. A local legend states that the Holy Grail is hidden within the wellhead. Overnight at the Swan Hotel.

Day 7: Wed 27th May (B/-/-)

The Bishop's Palace, Wells

The Bishop’s Palace

This is a free morning to explore the delights of Wells. This splendid medieval city is one of England’s best-kept secrets! The open air market will be held in the ancient marketplace as it has been for a thousand years. The magnificent 800-year-old Wells Cathedral occupies the central position in this, England’s smallest city. You can either attend a service or visit the cathedral between services. Next to the cathedral is the Bishop’s Palace complete with its moat and drawbridge and the most complete medieval street in Europe, still used to house the young cathedral choristers.

You are free to have lunch at one of Wells many restaurants or cafes before we leave at 1.30pm for the short journey to Glastonbury. The afternoon will be spent with one of the Priestesses of Avalon who will lead us in ceremony connecting to the feminine aspects of the land. Evening free. Overnight at the Swan Hotel or similar.

Day 8: Thurs 28th May (B/-/D)

Mists of Avalon

Mists of Avalon

After breakfast we’ll meet as a group and then drive to the Roman city of Bath. It was built around the hot thermal springs which were revered in Pagan times and enclosed by the Romans into their bath-houses and temples. Personally experience the baths at Britain’s original and only natural thermal spa, the Thermae Bath Spa. After arrival in Bath we will have our final group ceremony in the Cross Bath, an historic bath set within one of the cities Georgian buildings…. we will honor the Celtic Goddess Sulis & the Roman Goddess Minerva and celebrate the Goddess within each of us – included in the tour price.

For those who wish to book and pay for a private healing treatment in lieu of visiting the rest of Bath during your free time, there will be time blocked for our group with the spa therapists, for those who choose this option – not included in tour price.

The city of Bath developed over the centuries and today it boasts the finest Georgian architecture in Britain including the world famous Royal Crescent that you can discover on foot or view while learning of the history of this unique city on an open-topped double-decker bus tour. There is such a diverse range of things to see and do in Bath that we let you choose. You may wish to visit the Roman Baths and museum and take tea or sample the thermal waters in the historic Pump Room.

Pulteney Bridge, River Avon, Bath, England

Pulteney Bridge, River Avon, Bath, England

Right next door is the sixteenth century Bath Abbey for you to explore and just around the corner you can shop above the river in the tiny stores on the spectacular Pulteney Bridge modeled on Venice’s Ponte di Rialto. Bath has a fantastic range of shops for those in need of retail therapy or to find the perfect gift. Literature lovers won’t want to miss the Jane Austin Museum or if fabric is your thing you will want to visit the Lace museum. Drive back to Wells for our farewell dinner tonight, followed by our closing circle. Overnight at the Swan Hotel or similar.

Day 9: Fri 29th May (-/-/-)

Travel from Wells to London’s Heathrow Airport (3 hrs) for our return flights home – our hearts filled from our beautiful journey!


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