ISLA ESPIRITU SANTO, BAJA MEXICO: Sisterhood, Sand & Sun! – to be announced

Ladies, are you looking for…

  • An amazing place in nature to unwind, relax and commune with your sisters?
  • Delicious home-cooked meals straight from the sea?
  • Time to explore the issues that are creating sticking points in your life?
  • The opportunity to swim in the company of sea lions, manta rays and dolphins?


If so, join author Sheri Rosenthal and 10 other women in this remote natural reserve in the magical Sea of Cortez – uninhabited by other humans and free from the distractions of our daily lives.

If you’re a woman in the process of making changes in her life (who isn’t?), who wants to deeply explore the issues surrounding your circumstances, this is a journey you can’t afford to miss.

With sand between our toes and in our hair, we’ll create a new and empowering dream that will lead us to complete freedom of our hearts, minds and bodies.

Exploring our Sisterhood

Our time together will evolve as Spirit moves us…

We’ll enjoy beautiful ceremony and ritual, dance, and prayer, chanting and meditation
with our sisters to create the energy for transformation both inside and out.

There will be time for snorkeling, playing, sea kayaking, journaling,
swimming, laughing, hiking and a fire ceremony.

Sea Lions, manta rays and pods of dolphins will keep us
company in these crystal clear turquoise waters!

Scuba diving, water skiing, and deep sea fishing
are also available for any Goddesses so interested.

It’s our intent that every woman who participates in this journey returns home with clarity, peace of mind, confidence, self-esteem and inner joy. It’s our wish that you find your serenity and centered-ness so when you return home you can make changes with happiness, confidence and inner strength. If you are ready to change your life, we’re waiting for you.

Listen to Sheri’s free teleclass:
Is It Possible to Have Fear & Still Live Boldly?

The Magic of Baja Camp

Our camp is situated on one of the most beautiful bays’ approximately two hours by boat from the La Paz marina. The abundance of fish and shell fish in the Sea of Cortez allows us to bring to the dinner table a veritable seafood feast every night. You can swim among groups of seals in the warm and transparent water. The camp provides kayaks which allow you to linger in wonderful solitude within the clear and deep inlets where the only sound you hear is the splashing of boat paddles.

Every time we liberate a woman, we liberate a man.
~Margaret Mead

Want to Join Us?

Questions? Give us a ring at 727-421-0849 – we can’t wait to hear from you!



  1. Maria Romero says:

    can you please let me know about the details of this trip please thanks

  2. I have been on this magnificent adventure. Like all of the journeys run by Sheri, my heart opened to new concepts, and points of views shared by other civilizations. I encourage all of you to try one of these journeys with Sheri Rosenthal, a natural born leader and teacher. I love you Sheri.

  3. Rebecca B. says:

    I would also be interested in a trip around October 2009.

  4. Joy Allibone says:

    Details please of future Womens retreats
    Thank you
    om shanti shanti shanti


  5. Lorraine Southam says:

    Please send me details for any trips for a wk in Sept or Oct 2009 please


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