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Kathy’s Story:

Kathy Knowles

The blessings in my life have certainly come at times when I wasn’t feeling blessed at all! I remember as a child knowing I had a voice – but could I really use it?? My thought back then was a big NO, and that agreement carried me into my adulthood, two marriages, motherhood (raising extremely active boys), and into my corporate life. Shortly after turning 40, my life came to a crashing halt when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

When you live your life as I was, walking a tight rope – keeping everything so perfectly controlled for the world to see, your fall is a big one! Two years later my mother was gone and I found myself in the rooms of AA learning to “believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” But thankfully (as the universe would have it) – these events acted as a springboard to propel me to the next level – my spiritual awakening and re-connection with my deepest knowing and intuition!!

In the years that followed, I continued my soul’s journey slowly transforming as I explored my path of inner listening, and speaking and honoring my truth. Along the way I learned it was possible to know what others are feeling, collect accurate information to make decisions with, see events with clarity, and take life-changing positive actions in the moment. Today my blessing is to be able to share my intuition and knowledge with others – helping them to connect with their own intuitive wisdom. My deepest joy is to teach others that their intuition is a natural ability ~ we all have it. We simply need to learn how to use it!

After many years of leadership roles in corporate human resources and working through my own life challenges, I am blessed to be able to unite all of my life’s passions. And in turn, it’s exciting to witness my student’s experience of empowerment – becoming vibrant and successful leaders in both their personal and professional lives.

Along the way I became a Certified Professional Coach, receiving my credentials through the International Coach Academy. I’m also a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Light Karuna Master and studied with with Laura Day, Intuitive and New York Times bestselling author of Practical Intuition.

About Joy:

Joy Valenti Kochme

Joy Valenti Kochmer’s Yoga journey of self-discovery started over 18 years ago. In her mid-20’s she was diagnosed with spinal stenosis (stiffening of the spine), multiple herniated discs and osteoporosis, coupled with a history of depression & panic attacks. After finding no positive results with allopathic medicine, Joy felt a call to action to create a new life for herself – YOGA!

Through a new-found space in her body and mind, brought about by her Yoga practice, Joy saw new and impact-full possibilities for herself and others. She followed a rigorous study of Yoga, healing and metaphysics and eventually became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher.

For the last eight years Joy has been sharing her knowledge, experience and expertise in her classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings programs – impacting hundreds of lives! Her eclectic style of teaching is strong, soulful and inspiring. Joy has also found a transformational voice in guiding meditations, specializing in Yoga Nidra and will be releasing her first guided meditation C.D. in near the end of March.

You can find Joy at her Studio Om Joyful Yoga sanctuary located in Cooper City, FL. The sanctuary offers a wide variety of classes for Yogis of all shapes, sizes and experience levels.


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