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Day 1 (-/-/d)

Dolores Colorado Spiritual Retreat

Meet the group at Sophia’s Peace Center at 4:00 pm for our group gathering before dinner. Once settled in we’ll have an opening ceremony which may include meditation, chanting, music, and the sharing of intentions. This week we’ll be working with ritual, ceremony, Yoga, meditation, intuitive teaching and group discussion.

Over the course of our time together Joy will sharing several different types of Yoga depending on the group’s needs:

Partner Yoga is a fun and playful way to experience Yoga Postures with the support of a friend. You will stretch deeper, gain trust and find balance with support. This class is a light-hearted approach to finding a deeper state of flexibility in the Body and Mind.
Sophia Retreat Center Yoga Nidra Meditation is a profound technique of releasing physical, mental and emotional tension. You will be guided into a deeper state of consciousness, re-connecting to your natural state of inner peace. When this natural state occurs ones reality and truth becomes known, and knowledge of truth only comes when you are free from tension.
Hatha Yoga is the Union of the Mind, Body, Intellect and Soul. The Physical body moves through a series of postures, the breath becomes your friend, the Mind returns to its natural state of stillness. Yoga optimizes your overall health and simply makes you Happy in the present moment.

Sophia Retreat Center Also this weekend, Joy and Kathy will engage us in a special Courageous Communication & Transformational Language Workshop. Some questions we will answer are: What motivates your actions and choices – and why? Where are you going in life and how do you get there? This workshop inspires a powerful, uncommon intrapersonal conversation. You will be empowered to resolve who you have been, and create with clarity who you are becoming – and encourage you to be courageous in creating a fulfilling life. Come prepared to create infinite possibilities and unpredictable outcomes.

Day 2 (B/L/D)

Sophia Retreat Center

We’ll meet for gentle yoga before a healthy delicious breakfast. Throughout the day we will move through several processes to help you access your deep intuition. You will learn to open up to your own energy and direct your attention in a way to create a foundation for intuition to start. Once you are aware of the different ways your intuition and Spirit can speak to you, a door is opened to this powerful guidance, which will assist you in creating and meaningful and magical spiritual journey. During the course of our time together, Kathy will also give readings to those in attendance.
After lunch we will dedicate time to ourselves to discover the nearby hiking trails, enjoy the outdoor courtyard or benefit from a walking meditation on the Labyrinth. On this day we will have a silent dinner and then, we will share our intentions with each other and bring in support with a channeled reading from our guides.

Day 3 (B/L/D)

Colorado Spiritual Retreat

Leaving at 5:45am from the Sophia Peace Center, we’ll travel by bus to the Mesa Verde National Park. On the top of the ridge of Mesa Verde, we’ll watch the sun rise while enjoying breakfast and fresh coffee. Angela Swain will be guiding the tour, sharing her special knowledge with us. She has 30 years experience of the park, both with regards to its history as well as the spiritual significance of the area. We are blessed to have special passes to the cliff dwellings sites and walk along trails with stunning petroglyphs.

At 12pm, a delicious lunch will be provided at a picnic spot. We’ll end our special day with free time for shopping for beautiful Native American pottery and crafts. Then we’ll travel back to the Sophia Peace Center in the late afternoon to enjoy a deep connection with our selves during a guided Yoga Nidra Meditation.
After dinner we will gather together and share all that is showing up for us with open hearts, minds and the willingness to learn and grow from our illuminating experiences.

Day 4 (B/L/D)

Colorado Spiritual Retreat

Our morning will start out with Hatha yoga to open our awareness for the day. After breakfast we will continue our intuitive process working hands on with partners to further develop our intuitive reading abilities. Lunch today will be served at the pristine McPhee Reservoir. There we will start preparing for our New Moon Ceremony and vision quest. Our purpose is to seek internal guidance and renewal, so we can let go of the old habits that are no longer serving us. Our New Moon ceremony this evening will be powerful – it’s about creation and new beginnings, infusing us with fresh energy and empowering us to rekindle and rebirth our spiritual selves!

Day 5 (B/-/-)

We leave the beautiful Sophia’s Peace Center today ready to build on our deep intuitive foundation and inner guidance. Having gained confidence in our abilities to create enjoyment and fulfillment in our lives, we go forth empowered to live a revolution!

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