HAWAII: Igniting Your Sacred Spirit – To be announced


Igniting Your Sacred Spirit
An empowering spiritual journey of yoga and ceremony


  • Connect the sacred spirit in all aspects of your life through Yoga, Meditation, Ceremony and Reflection.
  • Tap into your infinite potential, your innate inner wisdom…listen to your intuition.
  • Bridge the gap of the mind and body, breathe.
  • Celebrate the peace and freedom that already lies within.
  • Cultivate spiritual independence, attain an unlimited life.


Joy and Kathy are excited to share this journey with you to the sacred island of Hawaii. We will all empower each other to elevate to our highest vibration individually and collectively.

Here, amidst the incredible beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, healing and personal transformation will be accelerated. The Big Island of Hawaii has long been known as the healing island.

The spirit of Pele, the goddess of the volcano, has a way of cutting through blockages and bringing to light our innermost yearnings. Whatever one wishes for often manifests very quickly here.

This week will be life transforming, we will explore:

  • Igniting your greatest passion and intuition.
  • Discussing archetypes, chakras and astrology.
  • Finding balance in nature: fire, air, water and earth.
  • Honoring the directions: north, south, east and west.
  • Owning the celestial, spiritual, and earthly divine Goddess.
  • Within our sacred circles we will share in ceremony and tales of what was, what is and what will be allowing us to celebrate who we were and who we are becoming.

plumeria hawaii

“Kalani is one of the most potent and nurturing retreat centers in the world as it is so close to where Pele’s lava flows into the ocean – where new earth is actually being created. This rare and sacred connection to the creative power of life – combined with the most beautiful grounds, wonderful staff, inspiring yoga room, tropical cuisine, amazing bodywork and beach within walking distance – make Kalani a pilgrimage center for yoga”. – Shiva Rea


Luscious pool at KalaniDay 1 (-/-/d) ~ Connect

We arrive! Celebrate the spirit of Aloha! Settle into your room, take some time to explore the lush Kalani Oceanside Retreat’s 120 acres of tropical beauty. 95% of the land is sustainable agriculture including native forest, preserved heritage sites, organic gardens-orchards and botanicals.

Check out the activities and spa services offered. Take advantage of the pool, sauna and goddess ocean. Before dinner we will meet together for the first time. Beloved beautiful souls we are in paradise! After dinner we will gather in circle to talk, laugh, cry, dance and connect.
Sweet Dreams!

Day 2 (b/l/d) ~ Explore

Hawaii Spiritual retreat at KalaniWe will begin our day with sunrise chanting and movement. After a full breakfast, we will start the exploration of our many selves and layers within us. During this interactive, playful morning session you will open up our archetypes and explore the many facets of the Chakras. This is a place where you will begin the releasing of inner blocks.

After lunch it’s time to relax, pamper and rejuvenate! Relax with a massage or spa treatment. Frolic in the ocean. Take your experience to another level deeper and have a 1:1 session with Joy or Kathy. (These sessions are very limited and must be booked on the first day – there is an additional fee for these.)

Before dinner we will meet for a deep foundational Yoga session focusing on the chakras and archetypes. After dinner you will be lead in an outdoor meditation under the moon and stars, connecting with the microcosm and macrocosm within and without.
Sleep with the angels.

Day 3 (b/l/d) ~ Release

Yoga at Kalani

Bright and Early! We will meet for yoga to connect with Mother Earth and be empowered by her powerful energy.

After breakfast we’ll be spending much of the day with Casey Kochmer a Taoist Master from Hilo to explore Taoism and focus on the Awakening Dragon. This awakening process is to release the old and re-integrate ourselves with the spiritual aspects of ourselves and life. Learning what it means to be with the Tao, that which is already there.

This evening we will eat dinner in silence. Then we will take a silent pilgrimage to the beach. In circle we will share in guided breath work and sharing of our day with Casey.
Sweet lullabys.

Day 4 (b/l/d) ~ Inspire + Empower

Early Morning Kundalini Yoga then breakfast.

Today we will take a field trip to the sacred volcano. Through the gentle and fierce power of water and fire, we’ll explore mirroring nature to create inspiration in our lives. In today’s busy society there is a challenge to stay balanced let alone inspired! This day is created to let yourself become the center of your life again. Being in nature and calming the mind to tune into our senses and feel the energy above, below, around and within.

If we are going to participate fully and vibrantly in our lives we must connect to the source of our inspiration and empowerment. After dinner we will retreat for the evening. Take time to journal.

Day 5 (b/l/d) ~ Create

Hawaii IslandsThis morning we meet after breakfast.

You will be lead through an Akashic Records Mediation and work hands on with our intuition to acknowledge how all the work you’ve done so far comes together.

We will have a playful partner Yoga session. After lunch we will meet in circle. Channeled messages will be given to each participant regarding what they need to know most about their individual life creation process. In an open forum we will share.

After dinner we will meet under the moon and stars for a lunar celebration and sound healing.
Cosmic travels.

Day 6 (b/l/d) ~ Ignite

How do we keep our inner fire burning brightly, process all aspects of life, wake up and live, Ignite your soul?

four elementsNow you have shed beneath the layers with a new expression of inner knowing and strength. Let us meet before breakfast for a fire igniting Yoga Vinyasa class.

After breakfast we will meet to remember each role you play in life has a purpose, a certain synergy that only you bring out into the world. Give birth to love everyday, give birth to light everyday, give birth to fire everyday, and don’t forget: Give birth to yourself everyday.

After lunch free time. Pamper yourself, walk along the ocean, read a great book, journal, be in the spirit and energy of the island and you! Goddess divine.

In the evening, we meet for our final dinner together and celebrate. In our final circle let us create a coven with all of our hearts in love and gratitude for each other, the mystical island of Hawaii, the sacred land of Kalani, and the truth that we will carry with us back home forever transformed.

Day 7 (b/l/-) ~ Reflect

Let us meet before breakfast for one final Yin Yoga class together. After breakfast we will have a closing ceremony with chanting and celebration. Today we depart for home energized, healed, relaxed, awakened in spirit.
ALOHA!! Namaste


Rooms at Kalani

  • Nine nights accommodations in charming and unique 3-star hotels.
  • Full breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday as indicated on our itinerary.
  • Daily group circles, teachings, ceremonies, meditations, and yoga classes.
  • Use of the pool, sauna and hot tub.




  • Any extra meals and beverages other than noted in our itinerary.
  • Personal items such as phone calls, laundering services, gratuities and souvenir shopping.
  • Flights to and from Hawaii.
  • Private one-on-one sessions with Kathy or Joy are not-included in the package and need to be paid for separately.
  • Airport taxes for domestic and international flights.
  • Travel insurance if you desire.
  • Gratuities for room maid and others: we recommend one dollar US per day.




Kathy Knowles A former human resource director, Kathy Knowles left behind a successful career with an award-winning multimillion dollar company to find her passion and remember her intuitive childhood roots. As an intuitive coach, retreat leader and speaker, Kathy works with high-performing, action oriented clients who want to improve their practical intuition, leadership capabilities, and create an irresistible life.

In her travels from corporate executive to coach, Kathy has studied with the intuitive guru Laura Day and the leadership guru John Maxwell. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with the International Coaching Academy, and is part of the Founding Circle for John Maxwell’s leadership training.

Kathy’s favorite question in working with clients is “what if it was possible?”  Along the way she learned it was possible to know what others are feeling, collect accurate information to make decisions with, see events with clarity, and take life-changing positive actions in the moment. Today her blessing is to be able to share her intuition and knowledge with others – helping them to connect with their own intuitive wisdom. Kathy’s deepest joy is to teach others that their intuition is a natural ability ~ we all have it. We simply need to learn how to use it and when we do … anything is possible!


Joy KochmerJoy Kochmer has a strong passion for sharing Yoga and Meditation with the world. Om Joyful Yoga is a Sanctuary of spiritual healing and growth which she opened three years ago. She shares weekly classes, workshops, retreats, private sessions and a Life Transforming Teacher Training twice a year. Joy attended her first Yoga session 22 years ago and through a committed practice was able to able to move through the obstacles of chronic back pain and anxiety. After this transformation and new found freedom within occurred, she knew it was time to share this magical practice.

Joy has a E-RYT 500 certification with Yoga Alliance and a RYT 200 with the KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) . Her passion is Vinyasa, to move in synchronicity with the breath, as we as humans were designed to do naturally. Her classes are an eclectic blend of Mantras, Mudras, Kriyas, Pranayama, and Asana, each class a unique surprise.As a Spiritual Growth Practitioner she has two degrees in Metaphysics, and Certifications in Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reiki, Akashic Records, and incorporates Sound Healing, Essential Oils and Crystal Healing in her private sessions.

Joy is a Minister of Metaphysics and offers wedding and other ceremonies, as well as personal and house blessings.Whether working with groups or individuals, local or traveling, she holds the space with patience and love so each individual can re-connect to their highest spiritual truth and knows this will collectively reach the mass consciousness to transform the world and universe to it’s highest vibration.


$1999 USD per person double occupancy in a private bungalow
Single supplement $360.00 USD per person (in a private bungalow)
Single supplement $555.00 USD per person (in a treeehouse bungalow)

FYI: Private bungalows have high, slanted ceilings and tall screened windows, a Queen bed, private bath, fan, mini fridge. Approximately 225 square feet.

Tree House Rooms are not actually in a tree, but you may well feel as if they are! The Tree House is nestled under the cool shade of a large monkeypod tree. They are five spacious units, on two levels, enhanced by views of pasture, grazing horses, and glimpses of sea through a coastal grove of native Kamani (mahogany) and coconut palms. They have screened windows, a king bed (or 2 twins), private bath, fan, mini fridge, ocean and horse pasture vistas. Approximately 500 square feet.

Registration dates:
A deposit of $500 USD is needed immediately to hold your place. Final payment due August 1, 2014. **This is high season and we have to have everyone registered early!

To secure your spot now and make your $500 deposit, do the following:

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** NOTE: If you don’t wish to register online or are having issues, call 727.421.0849 or email us.

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  1. […] Kalani is known as “one of the most potent and nurturing retreat centers in the world.” Nestled in the tropical jungles on the east coast of the Big Island, serenity could not be easier to access on these beautiful grounds complete with swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. Walk a mile down the road and you’ll find yourself at an amazing black sand beach. Trip investment: $1995 USD per person double occupancy, all meals. Details for Hawaii here! […]

  2. […] Kalani is known as “one of the most potent and nurturing retreat centers in the world.” Nestled in the tropical jungles on the east coast of the Big Island, serenity could not be easier to access on these beautiful grounds complete with swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. Walk a mile down the road and you’ll find yourself at an amazing black sand beach. Trip investment: $1995 USD per person double occupancy, all meals. Details for Hawaii here! […]

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