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About Vanessa:


Vanessa Simpkins is a sky rocket your confidence & cash flow mentor, speaker and author of “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops.” Creator of the “Transformational Breakthrough Summit” Vanessa helps women entrepreneurs breakthrough their inner blocks, skyrocket their confidence and put proven systems in place to attract more clients and make more money doing what they love.

Once a struggling holistic practitioner, stuck in a bad relationship declaring bankruptcy, she is now on a mission to help entrepreneurs break free from controlling situations, relationships and self imposed limitations of the mind so they can TAKE their power Back! and create a life and business by design instead of by default.

She’s been featured in “Motivated Magazine,” “Today’s Business Women Magazine,” worked alongside personal development experts like Joe Vitale from the hit Movie “The Secret” & Marci Shimoff from “Happy for No Reason” and has also spoken at the TED EX “Let’s Spread Success” event in Montreal.

You can learn more about Vanessa’s books and workshops on her website.


Vanessa changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe! Before I met her I was totally dissatisfied with my life, I was deeply in debt and hopped from job to job. Following Vanessa’s lead, guidance and suggestions, as well as her contagious happiness she exude has literally turned my life right around to the point I don’t even recognize myself. I’ve quadrupled my income, lived my dream and traveled to Hawaii and most of all I know now, really know how to manifest whatever I want. Thank you bottom of my heart!

~ Melanie Layer, Sales Trainer


For many years now, I have invested in many different personnel development methods, without really getting any real results of well-being. Vanessa has taught me through her approaches and methods how to let go and to release my uncertainties and my resistance patterns and self-sabotages that were wearing me down. Her active listening and personalized advices has brought me to blossom emotionally, spiritually and physically. Thanks to Vanessa’s coaching, at 57 years old, I FINALLY feel at peace and feel an immense joy for life.

~ Christiane Corbeil, Teacher/ Artist


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