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About Licia Berry:

Licia Berry

Licia is an heart-centered artist, published author and educator. A 25 year veteran teacher in the creative, sacred and transformative arts, Licia has facilitated self-discovery and insight workshops, teleclasses, and led retreats nationwide. Licia has a deep and abiding love and passion for integrative traditions.

The path of embodied spirituality lives deeply in Licia’s soul. Knowing the magic and mystery of this world, Licia has transformed difficult life circumstances into compost for her growth. She walks the path of working with the physical world as a spiritual partner in her life and fiercely and passionately claims this earthly life as a gift to be enjoyed. In 2003, she and her husband and 2 children left their culturally sanctioned lives to take a 7 year odyssey of the spirit in which their entire family transformed ancestral patterns and learned to lead spirit-led lives in a practical way. (You can read her story here.)

Licia’s years of intense inner work and extensive study and lived experience in creativity, communication, neuroscience, psychology, kinesiology, education, world spiritual traditions, shamanism, and systems theory create a unique blend of philosophy, science and spirituality.

Called the “most grounded spiritual person I’ve ever met”, her work is frequently referred to as “spirituality for intelligent people” due to her unique ability to speak the language of practicality and real life in a deeply sacred way. Learn more about Licia Berry on her website!

About Teresa Husband, LMT:

Teresa Husband

A licensed massage therapist, Teresa is also a life-time spiritual explorer. Her in depth knowledge of the physical body combined with years of deep inner work truly compliment all that Teresa brings to her personal one-on-one sessions. Her ability to allow the divine to flow during her massage and healing sessions greatly impacts her clients’ well-being.

Teresa has been blessed to have had the opportunity of traveling the world abroad. Travel to new cultures and countries has truly enhanced her deep love to explore. Her journey has enabled her to a gain a depth of knowledge through insight and wisdom that she is thrilled to share with others.

Teresa specializes in various healing modalities such as:

  • Advanced Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Heart Centered Therapy
  • The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing
  • Reiki

With her passions and abilities, Teresa is committed to helping and healing herself and others throughout her journey. For more information about Teresa Husband please check out her website!


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