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Shanti Gilbert’s Story:

Shanti Gilbert

I came into the world via forceps and didn’t trust the world around me. I learned to share “truths” that I thought others wanted to hear and put away my true feelings. By practicing pleasing others it became easy for me to work with people and I received my graduate degrees in counseling and social work. I worked worked with corporations and as a consultant and therapist with international groups, teams and families. Although I had wonderful mentors and coaches and my life, in 1987 I began learning about myself through being with dolphins. I tried to swim with them they giggled and swam the other way. I had to learn to listen to them and and see what they were reflecting back to me and change. Once I did – they began coming to me and swimming with me. They made me realize how much of my world was based on pleasing others and I began to discover my hidden feelings and speak my truth.

My inner and outer adventures deepened when I moved to Sedona, Arizona in 1996 and began integrating the many lessons of Earth School. I was gifted a pipe in a summer solstice ceremony in 1997and made a commitment to provide service. I became a Priestess and High Priestess following the lineage of Nicole Christine. I pursued art and continued leading many retreats. In 2000 I was attracted to don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements” and signed on for a Spiritual Journey to Egypt with him. This experience nourished me and helped me experience a like-minded/hearted community. I then joined his apprenticeship program and through this experience I was able to move into self-love and acceptance. I became free to create the life story that I wanted to create. I moved into a wonderful marriage that has supported me continuing to create this life adventure from my core. Since then I have been working with many healing modalities including Integrated Energy Therapy and Electric Medicine.

I love facilitating groups and supporting people to find their true feelings and integrity. I truly am blessed that I am able to witness others finding their wholeness and manifest their dreams. These Goddess retreats have been incredible to facilitate. The groups that have formed, still continue to witness and support each other to stay true to themselves even long after each retreat ends. The story that each woman wishes to manifest comes forth and her voice is nurtured and nourished. My support team of incredible women that assist me on these retreats are awesome and are read to assist you in making those changes in your life that are aching to take form.


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