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About Katherine

Katherine Thomas

Katherine Woodward Thomas is a national bestselling author of Calling in “The One,” a licensed psychotherapist, and the co-creator & co-leader of the Feminine Power Global Community, a thriving learning community serving tens of thousands of women worldwide. She is also the co-creator and co-host of the highly acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries, which gathers thousands of women weekly to engage the biggest questions facing women today regarding our role in co-creating the future of our world, and featuring the world’s most preeminent female luminaries, thinkers, scientists, artists and agents of change.

Katherine is an honored member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group, which both supports and promotes a call to conscious evolution, and she is currently is co-authoring the forthcoming book, Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life (with forward by Michael Beckwith) along with teaching partner, Claire Zammit.

About Miriam

Miriam Martineau

Evolutionary educator and mother, Miriam Mason Martineau, argues that the dichotomy many women experience between motherhood and self-actualization needs to be transcended, and motherhood itself needs to be radically re-contexualized within an evolutionary understanding of transformative parenting. In Martineau’s own words, “My own experience and study points to the fact that motherhood is now one of the most potent and effective ways to drive evolution forward, both in ourselves, in our children, and subsequently in our world.”

Raised in Switzerland, she now lives in Nelson, BC, Canada, on 160 acres in a mountainous valley with her husband and their 6-year old daughter, Adonia. She holds an M.A. in Psychology from the University of Zurich,with specialization in Youth and Child Psychology, and has been working in private practice as an integral therapeutic counselor since 1993. She is presently writing a book on Integral Parenting and is passionately interested in parenting as a spiritual path – both in theory and in practice – a humbling and delightful adventure it is! She is vice-president of Next Step Integral, an international organization that brings an integral perspective to ecology, education, parenting and community.


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