Raising Empowered, Radiant Daughters Itinerary

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Costa Rica Volcano

We welcome you to our gathering of women and girls, for a magical and transformative week! Thank you in advance for bringing your energy, intention, curiosity and spirit of adventure.

Day 1 Aug 5th (-/-/D) Welcome to Pura Vida!

Pura Vida Spa Costa Rica

Our travels from various places around the world will bring us together at the tranquil oasis of the Pura Vida Resort in Costa Rica. After you have settled into your haven for the week, we will have a Welcome Gathering to share a delicious evening meal and meet the rest of the tribe of sisters.

We will then share an Intention Circle around the fire: a blessing of the efforts that have brought us all together, and setting of intentions for the week to come.

Day 2-6 Aug 6-10th (B/L/D)

Pura Vida Spa Costa Rica

Each day begins with a centering mother/daughter yoga class, and a healthy breakfast.

The daily dharma teachings will inspire both women and girls to a new way of being in the world: altering our relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the world. Girls will have their own sessions, exploring self-expression through improvisation, musical and theater arts, and imaginative play. At the same time, mothers will be learning Feminine Power principles and how to live and embody them in their life and as an integral part of parenting.

Awakening Feminine Power

There will be afternoon circles to weave together the separate daily sessions to create shared experience and an even deeper sense of connection – not only the women gathered, but to all females throughout history, including those who will come after us. We will honor and celebrate our sacred role in carrying on the evolutionary journey of humanity, and awaken to our lives as filled with purpose and a sense of co-creative power to influence the future of our world.

Costa Rica Spiritual Retreat

This journey includes abundant opportunities to explore the breathtaking natural beauty of Costa Rica. You will have your choice of full-day excursion: to beautiful Jaco beach, or to explore the Villa Lapas Reserve and wild life sanctuary, with a forest canopy Skywalk and Wildlife Boat Ride. There will also be half-day excursions to beautiful Waterfall Gardens, Butterfly Observatory, and Hummingbird Garden.

Spider monkey Costa Rica

We also offer the opportunity to be of service, lending your time and gifts to help improve the lives of girls in the local community.

There will be ample time for both exploration and introspection. Enjoy the surroundings of the resort, experience the relaxing and restorative spa treatments, and reflect on the shifts you experience and the possibilities that you will bring back.

Day 7 Aug 11th (B/-/-) Home Again!

Our final Circle will be this morning, a chance to share personal reflections from the week, gratitude for what has been experienced, and a blessing for our journeys home.

We’ll be departing paradise with our hearts filled, ready to put into practice all that we have shared and learned. New friendships and support systems have been created and we already looking forward to our next gathering!

Mother Daughter Retreat Costa Rica


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  1. kelli says:

    my daughter will be almost 13 at the time of the trip (turns 13 in late october). will there be other girls this age? given her age and personality, i think she may feel awkward if she’s the oldest girl.


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