Equine Healing Retreat Itinerary

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* Please note: Itinerary to be announced.

Day 1 – Arrival (-/-/d)

Arrive at White Stallion Ranch by 3:00pm to settle into your room, and then meet the group to get acquainted and begin our time together. And then meet the group to get acquainted and begin our time together. We’ll make introductions, open the space and set our intentions, then begin our initial class time. Our focus this first day will be to explore ideas about empowerment, finding inner-strength and accepting responsibility for fully creating our lives, which allows us to respond from a place of consciousness and empowered choice.

In the evening we’ll share a fresh, homemade meal and get to know one another better. Throughout our journey, the schedule will be flexible, allowing us to enter into “horse time” and follow inspiration in the moment. Remember to pack your willingness to participate, go with the flow and your childlike curiosity! Your first evening walk back to your hacienda might just include a night sky with a flaming sunset followed by a celestial panorama.

Day 2 (b/l/d)

Healing with Horses

We’ll begin the day with a rejuvenating yoga session led by a local instructor. After breakfast, we’ll meet together before joining the horses to begin our guided sessions with these profound teachers. Our attention will turn towards enlightening our understanding of self and others, exploring how to be an active listener in our communications and understanding how our energy, body language and non-verbal forms of communication affect those around us. Opening to the horses as innate spiritual teachers, we’ll be guided to relax, release, becoming fully present and connecting to our own deepest essence. From this space we learn to make harmonious decisions that align our head and our heart.

After a powerful day and another delicious dinner, you’ll have the option for free personal time and a ranch activity such as a hot tub and swimming, a relaxing massage or a walk beneath the ruggedly beautiful local mountain range.

DAY 3 (b/l/d)

We come back together again for our breakfast meal. Then, expanding on our work from the previous days, we’ll look at how we’re able to evolve on our life path from a space of intuitive knowing. Reconnect to your true voice and allow its guidance to change and refocus your priorities. Working first as a group and then with the horses, we will develop the attentiveness to self that allows us to make decisions in our lives more consciously. Identify the unconscious obstacles and behaviors holding you back in your life, preventing you from being fully happy and opening to new possibilities. As you learn to hear your internal guidance the right choices begin to reveal themselves more effortlessly, creating a clearer sense of ownership for your life.

Your afternoon will be open this day for you to enjoy some personal time or a trail ride into the local mountains with one of the ranch guides. In the evening after a delicious dinner, we’ll gather for a special group process!

DAY 4 (b/l/d)

Equine Healing Retreat

Our morning will begin with another wonderful yoga session, followed by free time to enjoy a horseback ride, massage or a hike among the stands of cactus.

After an abundant lunch we’ll return once again to each other and the horses to begin bringing our learnings together, first to improve our awareness of self, then expanding that awareness out to the world around us. We’ll seek to discover that we can maintain our focus on a specific goal and outcome, while still being aware of the whole picture. As our internal senses become more finely tuned we are able to stay clear and on purpose while noticing subtle input from the people and things around us. This allows new tools and solutions to become more consciously available to us. On our final evening together, we will gather together for a celebration!

Day 5 – Going Home (b/-/-)

For our last day, we’ll enjoy a fresh, hearty breakfast and then a chance to come together for reflection and integration of this profound experience back into our lives. We’ll complete around 11:30am refreshed, reconnected to our truth and with a renewed commitment to step forward on our path awake and alive!

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