DAHLONEGA, GA: Raising Empowered, Radiant Daughters: Mother/Daughter Retreat – to be announced

Ladies, please note that our beautiful retreat has been rescheduled for 2012 in Costa Rica. Plan to join us then.

Are your looking for…

  • A deeply transformative and bonding mother and daughter retreat?
  • The opportunity to bring our daughters into the conversation about the grand feminine awakening that is shaking up our world?
  • A chance to share the secrets of this emergence with our beloved girls and empower them to actively participate in co-creating our future?


If so – Katherine Woodward Thomas, co-founder of the Feminine Power Global Community and integral parenting expert Miriam Martineau and both of their daughters – invite mothers, grandmothers, aunties, friends, and the girls they love to join them on a magical, joy filled, transformative journey to the beautiful, serene setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia for this powerful mother and daughter retreat.

As a bestselling author and a seasoned teacher of transformation, Katherine has empowered the lives of tens of thousands of women worldwide. Now, she is bringing her life-altering teachings to the next generation, by training parents and caregivers alike in the practical practices and tools they need in order to need to raise radiant, healthy, happy and powerful daughters.

Listen to Katherine’s teleclass:
The Keys to Feminine Power!

Highlights Of Your Adventure:

  • Daily sessions with Katherine & integral parenting expert, Miriam Martineau
  • Mothers, aunties, grandmothers and friends will explore how to realize their own empowerment and radiance
  • Learn to model this empowerment for our daughters
  • Gather the necessary tools to support our girls in stepping fully into their co-creative feminine power
  • Together the girls will explore their own true and authentic selves through the creative arts
  • Our daughters will express their own unique, creative voices in co-creative partnership with each other
  • Participate in daily bonding activities creating a sense of sisterhood that will leave you nourished & fulfilled
  • Enjoy yoga, bonfire rituals, performance art, group singing, walking and sitting meditations, and the simple joys of connecting with mother nature
  • Six nights at the tranquil Dahlonega Spa Resort in the natural beauty of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Lovingly prepared vegetarian food (*either fish or chicken is served at every lunch and dinner – all meals included)!
  • Access to the amazing spa leaving you rested and rejuvenated
  • Swim in magical waterfalls, star gaze, soaking in the lovely outdoor hot tub, or visit the Nature Tours Kangaroo Conservation Center (in your free time)
  • Return home with beautiful memories from this mother & daughter retreat
  • Cultivate a deep sense of connection with your daughter
  • Receive a renewed sense of possibility and hope for the future—both yours and hers
  • Leave rested, rejuvenated, empowered and radiant!

The program is designed for girls between ages 5 and 13 and the Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Aunties and friends who love them. Girls 14-16 are also welcomed to come as “Big Sisters” to the younger girls. Mothers and their grown daughters are welcomed as well, as their continuing journeys of closeness, connection and collaboration in weaving a deepened and enriching bond will be both honored and supported.

“The young women of today, free to study, to speak, to write, to choose their occupation, should remember that every inch of this freedom was bought for them at a great price. It is for them to show their gratitude by helping onward the reforms of their own times, by spreading the light of freedom and of truth still wider. The debt that each generation owes to the past it must pay to the future.”
~Abigail Duniway (1834-1915) American women’s rights advocate

Want to Join Us?

Questions? Give us a ring at 727-421-0849 or email uswe can’t wait to hear from you!



  1. Jeanie edwards says:

    Are you having a mother daughter retreat this year in Dahlonega?

  2. Lynn says:

    It says that the retreat has been rescheduled to Costa Rica, is that true? Is it still in Georgia in July?

  3. Adria says:

    This looks absolutely exquisite!!!

  4. Michele says:

    Is this retreat for 2011?


  1. […] join Katherine Woodward Thomas this summer July 24-30th in Dahlonega, Georgia for her Raising Empowered, Radiant Daughters: Mother/Daughter Retreat!

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