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Dolphin Whisperer Joe Noonan


Joe Noonan is a playful lover of life whose joy is contagious. He has been bringing individuals, families and groups to swim with the wild dolphins in Hawaii and in the Bahamas for the past 17 years.One day Joe, aka Joebaby, took a long walk off a short pier and ended up in the water with a pod of playful dolphins. He came out of the water a changed man, and has never been the same since…

He is passionate about helping you remember that you are fully equipped, just as you are right now, to live in joy and happiness. Through his wild dolphin trips, retreats, workshops and writing, Joebaby helps people connect with their own authentic joy and love of life.

A shamanic wilderness guide, psychotherapist, hands-on healer, corporate trainer and life coach – he uses adventure, nature, dolphins and the present moment as the setting for personal and group transformation, and is called The Dolphin Whisperer for his connection with the dolphins and how they play with him. He is quick to remind us that we are all dolphin whisperers, for the ability to speak the universal language of the heart is within each of us.

Joe reminds us to experience the beauty in nature, and bring the lessons that nature teaches back into our relationships at work and at home. He facilitates a remembrance that life is a dance, harmonic and flowing, and that we truly are all “fingers of the same hand.”  He is leading the metamorphosis of the masculine into a cooperative, synergistic, gentle and kind way of being. He is here to ignite the playful child in us, to help us see God in all things, including ourselves and each other. In 2008 during a sacred ceremony on Isle Royale, he was given the name Nimbeesh, aka “Merman,” by a group of Native Elders in recognition of his work bringing together tribes of the land and sea.

He is a passionate advocate for the oceans, dolphins and whales, leading sacred Water Ceremonies around the world to increase loving awareness of the Oceans. He has been to “The Cove,” the site of ongoing hunting of dolphins by the Japanese, to perform a sacred Ho’oponopono healing ceremony to bring love and forgiveness to the area and situation. Joe is best known for is his contagious joy, spontaneity and playfulness, and the adventures he leads are most remembered for the fun and laughter shared!

“One of the most amazing experiences of my life… greatest communication of direct visceral love I have ever felt… Joe is a great and gifted leader and has truly been appropriately named the”Dolphin Whisperer”. Thank you Joe, you gave our group the WOW experience of a lifetime.” Harrison Klein, founder, The Masters Gathering

“Thank you for our wonderful trip in Bimini, we met Paradise! We talk much about our meetings with all this beautiful creatures under and upon water.. (Luca keeps saying: ‘Nobody will believe what we experienced!’ Thank you for the chance you gave us, to make all this amazing experiences.” – Nicole Salzmann, Switzerland


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